US Embassy; We Don’t Need Any Forensic Audit on PDS, We Have To Clean the Augean stable

The debate over whether the government should abrogate its concession agreement with the Power Distribution Services (PDS) is still raging, this was after it announced a fortnight ago, suspending the concession agreement.

The United States Embassy in Ghana, has waded into the controversy. According to a statement from the Embassy, it is awaiting an independent forensic audit of the Power Distribution Services (PDS) concession deal authorised by the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) Board of Directors before it makes a decision on the matter.

If we live in normal times, this statement should have put to rest the lingering doubts and given all the players, especially the government of Ghana, the benefit of the doubt.

But the government, the legislature, as well as MiDA, have soiled their hands in the honey pot and cannot, in all honesty, exculpate themselves from guilt.

The point needs to be emphasised that the government cannot be trusted to do a fair job, as the outcome of any audit, will implicate most of its officers, who spearheaded the concession agreement.

Again MiDA, according to documents available in the public space, regardless of any pretensions to self-righteousness will be spared either, because it was complicit from the onset and so have lost every right to be the ones, overseeing any audit that the US Embassy is calling for.

As a newspaper, we are of the opinion, along with most Ghanaians, that none of the parties involved, can be called upon to investigate itself.

Instances like this showed clearly that the nation doesn’t even need to spend a dime, before establishing the fact that something had gone wrong.

Following the revelations we see no reason why anybody, should be allowed to short change the nation in such a brazen manner.

We think beyond this audit which of course is the first step, the concession agreement, should be entirely cancelled and all those found culpable in this high profile sleaze are made to face the full wrath of the law

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