Urban Roads Department Straightens Records


On Hohoe Township Roads

A quick crosscheck from sources at the Department of Urban Roads, indicates that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer, misled Ghanaians on the state of the Hohoe Township Roads in the Volta Region.

Nana Akufo-Addo in what he termed, “The Real State of the Nation Address” said, the Hohoe Township Roads were constructed under the President Kufuor regime. But information from the Department of Urban Roads made available to The Herald, tells a different story.

From the facts available, none of the roads were completed during the Kufuor regime. It was only awarded under the Kufuor administration, but was not completed under that administration, meaning Nana Addo, misled the nation.

According to sources at the Department, the Hohoe Traffic Light to market road was completed in 2015, while Hohoe Hospital Road was awarded in 2015, and is under construction.

Also, the Hohoe Post Office to Obama Junction, through to Education was completed in 2012, while the Hohoe to Kitikpa road: Awarded in 2005 and completed in 2010.

It was only the Hohoe EP Secondary road which was awarded in 2005 during the Kufuor regime, but it was completed in 2010 under the Mills-Mahama regime.

The NPP Flagbearer, had confidently told pressmen that “the residents of Hohoe have said their town roads were done during the Kufuor Administration”.

Nana Addo, went on to expose himself and demonstrated his hubris and intolerance….”Ladies and Gentlemen, this is disrespectful to the people of Ghana and to our Republican institutions for the President to exhibit such a cavalier attitude to facts in a formal address to the nation”.

The twice defeated NPP flagbearer, who tried to shoot down several infrastructure projects across the length and breadth of the country, claimed he had calls from residents of Hohoe that the township roads were as he put it done under the President Kufuor Administration.

Characteristic of Nana Akufo-Addo, he insulted the President of Ghana by calling him names. He also accused him of peddling a lie contrived to mislead Ghanaians, while in a rush to court public attention by failing to verify his facts.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu-Nketia, has questioned why the opposition NPP presidential candidate, is so fixated with setting up funds without knowing where the money to run the funds will come from.

Mr. Asiedu –Nketia, questioned the rationale behind the fund setting agenda of the twice defeated presidential candidate at a press conference dubbed ‘Matters Arising’ in reaction to the Monday February 29, Real State of the Nation address (SONA) by the opposition flagbearer in Accra.

He said, the same vein during the 2012 presidential election, he promised Free Senior Secondary School (Free SHS) without knowing where the money for the exercise will come from. He explained that, because it is an election year, Nana Addo, has found a new tool to hoodwink voters in the Zongo areas.

According to him, Nana in his address, promised to set up a Zongo development fund for the people in the Zongo areas across the country.

He said, this same gentleman, descended heavily on ex-President Jerry John Rawlings, when he joined the people of Nima, to clean their environment.

At that time, he (Nana Addo) did not think that Zongos deserve better living standards and by share hypocrisy, he is now promising all manner of goodies without knowing where the money for exercise will come from.

Nana Addo, is now going around setting up various funds, Mr. Asiedu-Nketia posited.

He revealed that, when Nana Akufo-Addo, and his NPP was in government for eight years, they intentionally removed Zongos from the National School Feeding Programme (NSFP) and rolled out the exercise in urban areas to the detriment of the vulnerable pupils in the Zongo.

He stressed that, NSFP, was intended to feed pupil who cannot afford a meal a day, but the NPP, ended up rolling the programme in urban areas like Achimota for the economic gains and benefits of its members, and explained that, all the social intervention programmes rolled out by the NPP when it was in government was to attract votes and not the well-being of the ordinary man on the street.

He announced that, the NDC, has streamlined the programme and it is now feeding 1.7 million pupils across the country, particularly in the rural areas.

At the same programme, Nana Addo, promised to set up a Creative Arts fund, without telling the nation where the money was going to come from.

He minced no words, when he said that, Nana Addo, is the worst leader that has ever led the Danquah –Busia tradition in the history of politics in the country with his leadership recording chaos, suspensions, injuries, deaths and corruption.

He said, Nana Addo’s contrive ignorance has been exposed by the list of things President, John Dramani Mahama, enumerated in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) to parliament last week.

He said, there are several projects contained in the President’s address which are ready and commissioned in the district, popularly known as “Tweaa’’ district of the Ashanti Region, and urged the 72-year old NPP politician to go round the country and take note of all the projects sites as listed by the President.

He said, the NDC has the well-being of the people of the country at heart hence the significant improvements in all sectors of the economy, adding the governing NDC under the leadership of President Mahama, has made some significant improvements in Transportation, Governance, Communications, Health and Energy, but had never claimed to have turned Ghana into paradise.

He reminded elements in the NPP to seize such opportunities to point out measurable alternatives not criticisms lace with propaganda.

He said when the NPP announced that they would be holding a forum to discuss the State of the Nation Address, he felt they were going to come out with measurable alternatives rather, they ended up making hollow and pedestrian arguments.

According to him, Nana Addo, joined his party followers to engage in concert party, one would have thought that, the NPP would had contradicted the story of the people told by the President during his SONA.

Mr. Asiedu-Nketia added that the NPP, failed to show that they have a track record which is superior to that of President Mahama, adding “they have failed to show that they have learnt any lessons from the failed promises they made in their last manifesto”.

He said, the leadership approach by the President Mahama, reveal he has the capacity to govern this nation and take responsibility for the nation.

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