Unplanned Filing Stations Becoming A Menace


After the twin disaster last year, we were all up in arms against the illegal sighting of fuel and gas stations. Various local authourities across the country, begun to enforce the bi-laws that have been sitting on our statute books for decades and have been rendered ineffective.

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), also set out to ensure that, the right procedure and processes are followed in order to avert any future occurrence of that blot on our national conscience.

Politicians also took advantage to visit the place and families of the victims to shed few crocodile tears, followed by the usual speeches of pledging to ensure that, going forward nothing of that sort will ever happen.

We have all gone back to the way things were before the disaster, we are no longer asking the relevant questions as to whom and howthe permit was issued to build these filling and gas stations.

The phenomenon has taken a turn for the worst. It is like in Ghana now; the only profitablebusiness venture is to open a filling station.
Within a reasonable distance of 200km, one can count as many as five or more filling stations, on both sides of the road.

Honestly, we are smarter than what we portray ourselves to be, we do not need to wait for the worse to happen before we start another conversation, or run with donations to the families console them.

Almost all the radio and television stations, organized relief initiative for victims of the June 3 disaster, although it was commendable, the media houses, have reneged on their core mandate of insisting that, the right things are done to avert any occurrence in the future.

The purpose and mandate of media houses are not to roll out relief initiatives, but to highlight on the wrongs in society.

Individuals who have been given the responsibility are sleeping on the job, or sometime they bend the rules for their pockets, the media need to expose them, for the appropriate sanctions to be meted out.

We also need to educate drivers and the general public to boycott any filling or gas station, which is not properly situated, thereby making them redundant.

The government must also establish an Environmental Inspectorate that must be backed by law to close down stations that are disasters waiting to happen.

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