Unlawful Removal And Replacement Of NDC Flags With NPP Flags In The Keta Constituency


Fellow Ghanaians, President John Dramani Mahama and the NDC family have relentlessly preached and walked peace in the lead up to the 7th November elections.

It is trite knowledge that some groups in keeping to their ” all die be die” nature are uncomfortable with the status quo.

In an attempt to draw the peace loving people of Keta into their chaotic and unruly ways they have resorted to uncivilised acts of provocation.

The good people of Keta are noted for their peaceful nature and their common sense of purpose.

During the recent past visit of H.E. John Mahama to Keta he was overwhelmingly received and lauded for his government’s initiatives, interventions and achievements.

People from all walks of life were seen voluntarily hoisting flags at approved vantage points across the constituency. The very few and lonely NPP flags were left intact.

In sharp contrast however, the rumoured innocuous entry of the NPP flagbearer into Keta this week has been characterised unsurprisingly by shameful and embarrassing acts.

The good people of Keta observed with shock that the NDC flags have been removed under the cover of darkness and replaced with NPP flags.

It is clear that their aim is to provoke an undesirable reaction and create a false sense of presence within Keta.

The people of Keta have seen through the rather childish actions of the NPP and shall treat it with the contempt it deserves. Little wonder that the NPP has become increasingly unpopular in Keta. At this rate the NPP might have to count on the flags they have violently mounted to vote for them on November 7th since nobody in Keta would want to be associated with such an illegality.

We are therefore entreating all well meaning Ghanaians especially those in Keta constituency to remain calm amidst these unwarranted provocations.

Mr. Nana Akuffo Addo is always welcome to Keta so long as he maintains the peace and sanity that he will come to meet. It is our fervent hope that his catastrophic leadership that has regretably resulted in fatalities and casualties in the NPP across the country is not replicated in Keta.

We, as a people will continue to support H.E. John Mahama in his genuine efforts to transform Ghana and Keta.


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