University Of Ghana Council Engages In Another Absurdity


It is becoming increasingly clear everyday that we celebrate mediocrity in this country, if not who in their right senses will reappoint, Professor Ernest Aryeetey for a second term in office as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana from August 1, 2014, to July 31, 2016, when he retires.
His reappointment is not due until after August, so why the rush to reappoint him, when his first term is yet to run out. What really is the motivation on the part University Council?
This reappointment is a slap in the face of Ghanaians, who are questioning the competence of Prof. Ernest Aryeetey in the light of the recent decision on the part of the University of Ghana to toll its roads.
The issue has assumed a national character, with Ghanaians from all walks of life expressing divergent views about the decision of the University to toll it roads, followed by another senseless decision to allow only one through access into the University.
The absurdity of the decision to allow motorists to use only the Okponglo entrance in and out of the school is because Government had intervened and impressed upon the university to stop the tolling as it was going to absorb the supposed loan contracted by the University. The university shifted the goal post to now allow only one entrance.
Anything could happen to Prof. Aryeetey or his administration between now and the next five months, when his first term expires. The University Council could have exercised a little restraint in going ahead with this reappointment.
The intelligentsias all over the world are suppose and expected to solve problems and offer alternative views to the way things are done to better the lives of the people.
Unfortunately, in our part of the world, instead of the academia solving problems; they rather create problems for us and Prof. Ernest Aryeetey is another problem we have to deal with until 2016.
It looks like a century away from today.

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