Unity Is A Journey Not A Destination

The National Democratic Congress, after losing the 2016 general elections, sets out to pursue some roadmaps that, would lead to the party, recapturing power, hopefully in 2020.

The first step the party took, was to set up a committee to go on a fact finding mission, as to why the party lost the elections so miserably.

The committee was headed by Dr. Kwesi Bocthwey, after almost eight months of painstaking journey, which took them to all the constituencies in the ten regions of the country, a report was presented, with recommendations.

Some members of the party, who were also of the view that, the same results can be achieved, by pursuing different agenda, decided to organize what was termed as ‘unity walk’.

The unity walk, which started in the Northern regional capital, Tamale, moved to the Accra and the latest was in the Central regional capital, Cape Coast.

Opponents of the NDC started asking questions, chiefly among is the fact that, prior to the 2016 elections, the NDC said, it was the most united party in the whole of Africa and so what has changed?

The assumption being that, once the party is embarking on a unity walk, it means the party is not united.

Unity, just like peace is a process, at the end of every road, there is a new turn, because as human beings, they will never be a time when, we will say, we are united.

The New Patriotic Party, which is playing these lyrics, not long ago, suffered a fate more grievous than, what the NDC is going through.

Their elected National chairman and general secretary were suspended and yet when it was apparent that, all was not well, they still claim to be united.

America, has never been divided than now, the country is forging ahead in leaps and bounds, because their strength lies not in their disunity, but in their diversity.

Every political party goes through this lifecycle, especially when it losses election. What the NDC is going through is not peculiar and perhaps, the worse is yet to come.

People are still nursing the wounds of the loss, the disillusionment that led to the apathy is still rife and it will take the strength and weakness of every member to make the party strong.

Even among children of same parents, there are often petty squabbles easily dismissed as sibling rivalry. Psychologists insist that if not well managed it could lead to serious consequences.

I will only agree to the suggestions of disunity in the NDC, if members do not bury the past and mend the broken fence.

The action by the ten regional chairmen of the party, last week is one that does not engender unity and togetherness. I have stated unequivocally in my earlier article that, all the names being bundled around as potential aspirants, no one stands a chance against, John Dramani Mahama.

He is the man to beat and so things must not be done to suggest that, he is being favoured above others, when that happens, after the primary, the losers, will cry foul play and that will not portend well for the party going into a crucial 2020 general election.

The NDC, must remember that, 2020, they are going into the election, with an unrepentant and uncompromising political establishment, whose tree, has borne many undesirable fruits for this country.

There are, always, meeting points that can be blurred by irreverent, albeit, unintended use of words in the heat of passion, but things must not be allowed to degenerate into conflagration.

The NPP, which is accusing the NDC of disunity, is in a worse position than the NDC, but it is because, in the run-up to the 2016 general election, the NPP, had a purpose. The purpose was simple, to win the 2016 election at all cost, regardless of their differences.

The NDC must learn a lesson from the NPP, an important page in the NPP book, which says, despite our differences, the ultimate must be achieved, should be the guiding principle for the NDC.

Throughout history, I have known that politics is a serious business. Professor Laski of the London School of Economics teaches that politics is superior to Economics.

If the NDC needs some motivation, they should just look at the thousands of Ghanaians, who are being victimized, because they are perceived to belong to the party.

Nothing is absolute in this world, even our faith is not absolute, unity, as I mentioned earlier is a work in progress. So anytime, any member of the party is confronted with the question of disunity, he or she, should tell the person that, unity is a journey, not a destination.

What is important is how the party wishes to forge that unity. Unity is not because you agree on everything, but because you agree to disagree. It is not because, they are no divergent views, but because those views are geared towards the same goal.

The strength of every humanbeing is called upon, not when things are okay, but when in difficulty, so the NDC, must get their act together, and stop the in-fighting.

Ghanaians, who are looking for a way out of the misery and squalor the NPP, has decided to them will not blame the NDC for uniting and then fail, but Ghanaians will not forgive the NDC for not taking decision to unite for a common purpose.

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