une 3 Disaster: Business activities yet to return to disaster scene- Traders


By; Constansia Edem Azigi, Intern

Some traders at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange in Accra, have decried the slow pace of business activities in the area; two years after disaster struck that part of the national capital.

They said, the 2015 twin disaster, which claimed over 150 lives, has left the places near the disaster zone, almost empty, because both buyers and passengers, are uncomfortable picking vehicles or buying around that area.

Both traders and drivers said this, when they granted an interview to The Herald, days after the commemoration of the June 3 disaster.

A male trader, Kwame “Carpet” who deals in carpets, told this reporter that, business these days was nothing compared to what pertained before the unfortunate incident.

He was expecting the then government to honour it promise to compensate them, but it never happened, making it very difficult to make ends meet.

“Market has been dull of late compared to two years ago. I was expecting the then government to compensate us as promised, so that I will be able to go for some goods, because ever since the disaster, which resulted in the burning of our warehouse, (where our goods were stored) life has been tough. I pray those of us left to be compensated, will be attended to soon”

A Station Master at the “trotro” station near the accident scene, opposite the Vienna City night club, Gershon Ahanmma, recalled how business activities were brisked in the area, especially at night because of the night club, but said all that was no more because of the incident which happened very close to the station.

A lot of the youth, who sleep at that station, because they served as drivers’ “mates” lost their lives.

According to him, passenger who hitherto will troop to that area to pick cars now dread getting close, because of what they think may happen to them in the unlikely event that there is a repeat of the incident.

He said, “After the disaster, everything has been poor here. Business those days around this area was booming due to the night club here ( Vienna City) you could see people late in the night walking around here but after the incident, the moment the weather changes people start disappearing around the area and also by 6pm you will hardly see people here.

Passengers don’t pick trotro here most often and it a big worry to us here but we don’t know what to do about it”.

He questioned, “How can we help our brothers and sisters here if we are running away from them? Have the people of Ghana accepted it was a disaster which can be avoided if necessary measures are taken and continue with the usual life especially doing business at the place”?

Mr Ahanmma, who was not happy with the tagging of the disaster area, suggested that the new government rebuilds it, so that the usual business activities that were happening there could be revived

“Government must help rebuild the place for the people to return to their everyday living to earn income for themselves. Ghanaians must be ready to work it out, the place shouldn’t be tagged, it shouldn’t be deserted because a disaster took place there.

No! It can happen anywhere in the city, we are working hard to build a better Ghana for tomorrow and leave examples for the next generation hence we need not to run away from our fears but rather face them and conquer them. Ghana is a blessed nation so let build it right”, he said.


















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