Uncouth Napo Must Apologise To Prof. Jane Naana Agyeman

The education minister, Dr. Mathew OPoku Prempeh, is on his way to becoming the worst education minister, since we ushered in the fourth republican dispensation.

His apparent lack of regard for his predecessor, and the office he is occupying, should be a worry to parents, who have children in school and are depending on the minister to put on his thinking cap and solve the myriad of problems, confronting the hurriedly implemented free Senior High school (SHS) policy.

Governance is a continuous process,   no single government or minister can solve all the problems confronting this country, and so when it is your turn, you put your best foot forward and do what you can, within the constraints of limited resources and leave posterity to judge you.

Apart from the finance ministry, because it will provide the funds, education ministry, is the most critical ministry of all the ministries, so to have an educated illiterate with crass exhibition of a lack of sophistication running the ministry, must be a cause for worry for every well-meaning Ghanaian.

An education minister, who knows his job, will not go around running down his predecessor.

Prof. Jane Naana OPoku Agyeman, went to meet problems at the ministry, and she surely have left some problems, for the next person and in this case Napo to solve, he will also, after his tenure, leave problems for his successor.

A public servant like Mathew Opoku Prempeh, holds a position of trust. Whenever he goes on radio to talk, he should espouse that which is factual and will unite the nation.

When he appeared on Ekosi Sen on Asempa FM last Tuesday, to describe his predecessor as an ‘embarrassment’, was the lowest any minister could descend.

If he has any conscience left in him, he will render an apology to the good Professor and go on not to sin again.

Napo talks too much and cannot see any good or any strength in anyone apart from himself, he is in the limelight, yet he wants to create his own darkness with his loose talk.

He wants to fight his own battle and he does not know how to pick his battles, as for this battle, it is bigger than him and we will help him destroy himself.

So much for competent people the New Patriotic Party claims to have.

Napo is clearly a square peg in a round hole.

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