Unconsented Nurses and Midwives Bemoaned Poor Condition of Service


A Group of Nurses and Midwives called the unconsented Nurses and Midwives, who disagree with the Ghana Registered and Midwives Association’s unlawful, outrageous, coerced, automatic, numerous and huge deductions on their monthly salaries, has issued a press statement to registered their displeasure over unlawful deductions from their hard earned salaries by the Ghana Registered and Midwives Association (GRNMA).

According to the GRNMA, which is supposed to support, respect and protect the fundamental right and freedom of Nurses is rather perpetuating illegal deductions from their salaries which is done automatically, as soon as a Nurse or Midwife is employed.

The Group said Nurses are paying GH¢20.00 as building levy, but they are not benefiting from the levy.

According to the group, the association was taking the arrears on Nurses dues together with numerous and huge deductions rendering some Nurses and Midwives to run negative net salaries between the months of May and July 2019.

This, according to them had created a lot of burden on the Nurses who have accepted to service their country.

According to the Group, the GRNMA operates unlawlessness and unfortunately has convincingly escaped from such impunity and had been perpetrating since its establishment in 1960.

The association claims to be the Sole authority in nursing and midwifery and hold the bargaining power, hence its untouchable and the leaders very autocratic.

The unconsented Nurses and Midwives, include the Union of professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana (UPNMA), National Association of Registered Midwives Ghana (NARM-GH) and the community Nurses Association Ghana (COHNAG).

They  are demanding with immediate effect from the (GRNMA) to respect the fundamental rights and freedom of Nurses Midwives and allow them to join any association of their choice as prescribed in the 1992 Constitution  article 21 (e), 41 (d) and labour act 2003 (act 651 session 79).

The Group also appealed to president Akufo-Add, and Ministry of Health to intervene for them to halt the unlawful deductions and abuse of the fundamental Human Rights of Nurses and Midwives

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