UK Elections; What Are The Lessons For Ghana

The United Kingdom (UK) on Friday, went to the polls to elect a new government. We did not hear any report of tension, political fighting, no threat of war, no one accused the Electoral Commission (EC) of bias, and yet they went to the polls like we do.

No political party declared themselves winners, before the constitutionally mandated body, no ballot box went missing, policemen who have a duty to perform to protect the citizenry, were not deployed across the polling centres to ensure that, nothing untoward happens.

None of the political parties’ organized a press conference, during or after the election to complain of irregularities and issue threats that, should the election not go their way, the country will go up in flame.

What is it with us that, anytime we have to choose our leaders, it becomes a matter of life and death? We are all Ghanaians, and have equal stake in how this country is governed, what differentiates us, is a matter of ideology. The destination of bringing prosperity to the people is the same; it is the route to get there that sets political parties apart.

If anything is clear from the politics in UK and that of Ghana, it is that, to them political power is a call to service, to us it is to further our hold on the people and have the opportunity to dissipate the resources that is for all of us.

The hatred in the country before, during and after elections is just too much. We still have a lot to learn about politics. The level of mistrust in the system is what is making it difficult to get anything right.

We have established very fine state institutions, yet we do not trust the institutions to act independent.

There is always overbearing influence from the party in power, creating a lot of suspicion for the opposition parties. We can start by allowing the state institutions to be independent of the government of the day.

Why should civilized people become animals over elections?


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