UG Toll Roads For Profit?


The problem created by authourities of the University of Ghana (UG), has once again reared its ugly head, with parents of students of the University Primary school, blocking the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) side of the UG, preventing other road users from having access into the school.

We have written countless editorials, calling peoples’ attention to the lawlessness being perpetuated by authourities of Ghana’s premier university, led by Prof. Ernest Aryeetey.

The reason the University Authorities gave for tolling the roads was to reduce traffic on campus, but recent actions and decisions of the University suggest otherwise.

The parents yesterday, after blocking the entrance told journalists that they had held discussions with the authorities and had suggested to them that instead of the 400 Ghana Cedis that they are taking for stickers, they be allowed to pay 100 Cedis, because they are also part of the university community.

But because the authorities of UG were motivated by profit, they shot down that suggestion.

We are happy that the parents have not given up, like all of us, will fight until the right thing is done.

The unfortunate character that we are assuming as a nation is a recipe for disaster, a character, where when something happens, we all make noise for a day or two and then it is business as usual.

Not too long, we wrote an editorial, calling on the government and well-meaning Ghanaians to speak out about the inconvenience the university is causing to other people, but nobody seem to care, because we live in a country where when something happens and it does not concern us, it is not our business.

These parents have equal right, as the teaching and non-teaching staff of the university, they are members of the university community, so why treat them as though their concerns do not matter.

The children, who are as young as three or five, should be dropped in front of the gate, whilst the University organizes a bus to take them to school. What rational human being will do this to kids that age?

President Mahama, after sympathizing and helping his Nigerian counterpart, Goodluck Jonathan, should know that Ghanaian kids are also suffering at the hands of university of Ghana Authorities.

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