UG Must Start Collecting Daily Tolls


Yesterday, the under bridge that connects East Legon to Spintex and Airport, was closed, causing a lot of traffic and inconveniencing motorists, who were coming to Accra from Adenta, Madina, East Legon and its surrounding areas.

The traffic could have been lessen or avoided, if motorists had access to the route that passes through the University of Ghana (UG), Legon.

Not too long ago, there was a standoff between authorities of the UG and the government, specifically the ministry of Education and the National Security Secretariat, over the decision of the university to toll the road.

According to the authorities of the university, they had contracted a loan to asphalt the road and so must collect tolls to service the loan.
The attempt to build a toll booth was brought down in a Rambo style by officials of the National Security, which led to some people to collect signatures to petition the president to sanction the then National Security Co-ordinator.

The Ministry of Education waded into the controversy and promised to help the university to settle the loan, but this was not after the university defied every appeal and went ahead to close the place, restricting access to only cars with University of Ghana sticker.

Typical of Ghanaian who makes noise in the morning and goes to bed at night, pretending nothing has happened earlier, we are back to business as usual.

The ministry has not come out to tell us, if it was able to help the university retire the debt as it promised and the national security secretariat, have also abandoned the people, after the initial attempt to help.

We are fond of starting fights, we know we can’t win or see to the end, it would have served the poor motorist a good purpose, had the state actors, just stayed away and allowed the university to go ahead with the toll.

The road passing through the university, provides easy access to motorist going to the Ghana Institute Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Achimota etc.

The show of power was much ado about nothing.

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