UG Must Leave Gbevlo Lartey Alone


The problems of this country can largely be attributed to the attitude of the so-call elite we have in our country. Instead of them professing solutions to the numerous problems confronting us, they rather contribute to creating many more.

The University of Ghana (UG), early this month, started collecting tolls from vehicles using the university roads. All well-meaning Ghanaians appealed to the authourities of the UG that their action was inappropriate and so should be halted, yet the University still persisted.

The Chief of Staff, the Minister of Roads and Highways had all given the assurance that Government was ready to absorb the loan the University contracted to construct the road.

The National Security Coordinator said the citing of the toll booth was causing public nuisance and so ordered his men to go and pull down the structure, instead of applauding him, some so called University Of Ghana Concerned Community Members want the President to sack him in a petition.

Are this so-called UG Concerned Community Members in this country or they just descended from Mars. Is this the best use of their time as they are so many problems confronting the University that needed their urgent attention?

Did the University authourities consult them before imposing the tolls and if they did what did they tell them?

The President, John Dramani Mahama, unlike these busy bodies, has serious problems needing his attention, rather than wasting his time to pay heed to this flimsy request.

If they have any petition to send to the Presidency, it should be that the President should prevail upon the University Council to sack the Vice-Chancellor, for turning a blind eye to all the request and appeals from Ghanaians.

We are sick and tired of these intellectuals, who are only interested in letting their voices heard when a matter directly affects them. What should those who use the university roads everyday since the introduction of the toll supposed to say, should they also petition the President?

Indeed, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist, but in this case Lt. Col Larry Gbevlo Lartey is the hero of ordinary Ghanaians and the UG Concerned Community should stay off his back and let him be.

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