UE/R NDC Youth Bares Teeth At Nana Addo Over “Military Rule”

…… threatened to take the law into their hands

Upper East Regional youth wing of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has served notice to the president of the republic, Nana Akufo-Addo, that it will take the law into it hands, should he continue to use state security to manhandle supporters of the party, against the expression of their freedom and opinions.

The nation witnessed a bizarre incident of military personnel brutalizing some supporters of the opposition NDC, at Navrongo in the Kasena-Nankana municipality during the president’s recent tour of the Upper East Region.

The victims of the brutality were embarking on a peaceful display of placards to register their dismay over the neglect of the region in terms of development, joblessness, intimidations amongst others.

They were, however, welcomed with canes and slaps, as the dark days of silence visited them as uniform armed military men, showed them where power lies.

As they were slapped, kicked and chased away by military men to the dismay of political watchers, The Herald, had a copy of a release from the regional youth organizer, where it literally warned the commander-in chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, Nana Addo, not to push them (NDC YOUTH) to the walls, for they will equally take the law into their hands.

They called on the president to concentrate on correcting his poor government style that has left the nation bleeding with joblessness, insecurity, unbearable hardship amongst others.

Below is the full release signed by Mr Abraham Azumah Lambon.




Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the media. Thanks for honoring our invitation on a short notice. Yesterday was a sad day in the history of the Upper East Region. The supposed human rights lawyer and President of the Republic of Ghana showed his true colours (the spirit of all die be die) by releasing his security details to unleash terror on innocent citizens of Navrongo in the Upper East Region who are dissatisfied because of the numerous unfulfilled promises the president made to them prior to the 2016 elections and the economic hardship they have had to endure.

This reminds us of the similar attacks at Ayawaso West Wuogon where supposed National Security operatives front lined by the likes of Bryan Acheampong, DSP Azugu, Bright Ernest Akomea aka Double and his cohorts, unleashed ‘All Die Be Die’ venom on innocent Ghanaians. This undoubtedly is one of the most unfortunate and regrettable attacks on our democracy. It means they are a number of double types that are still in the security agencies yet government claimed to have passed anti vigilant act.

It would interest you to note that the only crime of these innocent citizens of Navrongo was the carrying of placards reminding the president of the promises he made to them. We have in our custody video footage on how the military attacked these civilians and ceased the placards from them. Is this the democracy we voted for? But for the bravery of these men and women of the land who are sick and tired of this ignorant Akuffo Addo administration, and were still courageous to take these video footages for us all to watch and have a feel of what really happened, this would have been swept under the carpet.

This attack by the President’s security detail didn’t really come as a surprise to us. On his visit to Bawku the previous day (13/08/2019), similar crowd greeted him with their grievances and upon noting that the media was keen on the grievances raised, this intimidation had to be done to prevent further embarrassment. Apparently, this has turned to cause him more harm than good.

Our President in one of his speeches asserted that he had increased the number of security personnel in the region to secure our boarders. With this act yesterday, we are compelled to ask if ceasing of placards from civilians is a part of strengthening security at our boarders. Mr. President, we are tired of your intimidation, enough is enough, we are tired of your military brutality, allow us to enjoy our constitutional mandates, we are citizens of Mother Ghana and not spectators!

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, you would recall that in 2016, Nana Akufo Addo visited the Upper East Region and got intimidated by the developmental projects initiated by His Excellency, John Mahama such as the Tammne Irrigation Dam, the over 150 GSOP Dams across the region, the eleven E-Blocks, the asphalting of Bolga township roads, Navrongo and Bawku township roads, the award of Bolga-Bawku-Pulmakom road, the Navrongo-Sandema-Fumbisi road, the regional hospital project that has now been abandoned, Rural electrification and many more other projects.

As a result, the following promises were made here in Upper East Region by Nana Akufo Addo; construction of 350 new Senior High Schools within the first 18 months in government, one village one dam project and a lot more which are yet to see the light of day.

Isn’t it interesting that our president, the Renaming General, Nana Akuffo Addo has ignored these highfalutin promises and the famous Bolga AstroTurf field that the taxpayer’s money has been blown indiscriminately. The 1 village 1 meaningless dugout has not serve the purpose of dry season farming but rather innocent lives are being lost and he is as usual busy for nothing? A clear case of value for money thrown into a ditch.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, our president was at it again when he met students and staff of Bolgatanga SHS trying to hoodwink them as usual, that the NDC administration will cancel the Free SHS policy. A policy enshrined in Article 25 of our constitution to be cancelled? That which was made progressively free by the erstwhile NDC administration?  Our President has again been misled just as in the Renegotiated Ameri deal by Boakye Agyarko. The next NDC administration will come to better this constitutional mandate of the free SHS and make it sustainable for all Ghanaian citizens.

Ladies and gentlemen, our attention has also been drawn to comments made by the President in Navrongo suggesting that he and his government is against and is fighting the smuggling of fertilizer to Burkina Faso, Togo and other places. Ladies and gentlemen, the President’s comments are cosmetic, because one of the company’s (Demeter GH Ltd) whose distribution license were revoked for attempting to smuggle fertilizer outside the country has once again and as usual been cleared by this government to continue smuggling fertilizer. Mr. President stop this deception!

Before I conclude, permit me to give a word of caution to our security agencies, never should they allow themselves to be used by politicians as we are seeing under this Nana Addo government. In entrusting our security into their care, they should be reminded of the consequences of being partisan in providing us secured lives. We would be left with the option of taking the laws into our own hands if the security agencies, mandated by our constitution fails to protect us fairly.

We would like to thank you all for coming. May the good Lord be with us and save us from this narrow-minded government.

Long Live the Upper East Youth Wing;

Long Live the National Democratic Congress;

Long Live Mother Ghana.


Hon. Abraham Azumah Lambon

(Regional Youth Organizer, NDC)

0200332010 / 0243886376

August 15, 2019


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