Twitter reports rising users and revenues


Twitter has reported rising numbers of users and higher revenues, days after its chief executive promised to consider changes to the platform.

The company’s revenue rose to $787m (£605m) in the first quarter, up 18% from a year earlier.

The number of daily active users rose 11% from a year earlier to 134 million.

The firm’s founder, Jack Dorsey, has said he regrets that Twitter’s design encourages “outrage”.

He told a TED conference in Vancouver last week that he was ready to make changes to the way the site operates to try to make it more conversational and to discourage abuse and misinformation.

Social media companies are coming under increased pressure to police the content of their sites more closely, following scandals over mental health, user privacy, hate speech and political campaigning.

Mr Dorsey said the firm might demote likes and follows, adding that in hindsight he would not have designed the platform to highlight these.

“We’ve seen harassment, manipulation, misinformation which are dynamics we did not expect 13 years ago when we founded the company,” he told TED curator Chris Anderson.

The dynamics of the system made it “super-easy to harass others” he said.

In February, the micro-blogging site said it would stop using monthly active users as a key metric to measure its popularity. However, these results, their last report of monthly active users, showed this measure hit 330 million in the first quarter, up nine million from the previous quarter.

The latest results report a new metric – “monetisable daily active users” – which is defined as users who can see advertising on the platform.


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