Tsatsu Fires Breathless Addison


Says His Former Student Peddled “Patent Falsehood” In Court

Lead Counsel for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Tsatsu Tsikata, has accused the Lead Counsel for the Petitioners, Philip Addison, of peddling “patent falsehood” in court over the election petition hearing.

He told the Bench hearing the petition that Mr. Addison’s claim that the Electoral Commission (EC) deprived the first Petitioner, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of about 15,000 allegedly earned votes at Ledzokuku, during the 2012 presidential poll was “patently false”.

Mr. Tsikata, a respected and experienced lawyer, is said to have taught Mr. Addison at the Faculty of Law, University of Ghana (UG), Legon many years ago.

According to Mr. Tsikata, he had cross-checked the official and certified results announced by the EC for Ledzokuku on the EC’s website, but nothing of that sort was detected.

“…Counsel is not entitled to put before a witness matters which are patently false…there is a clear official record of the election; I have gone to [see] what was on the website of the EC myself…It is not professionally right to put to a witness a matter which plainly is incorrect; it is not professionally right,” Mr. Tsikata averred in court yesterday.

According to Mr. Tsikata, “… For counsel to put numbers which are just, frankly, out of nowhere and say that that is the number there, respectfully that is professionally unacceptable”.

Mr. Addison alleged on Monday, during his cross-examination of EC Chairman, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan that substantial votes earned by the main opposition New Patriotic Party’s 2012 Presidential Candidate, , were subtracted from Nana Akufo-Addo’s total votes in certain Constituencies, including Ledzokuku, and alleged that those deducted votes were added onto the results of the first respondent, President John Dramani Mahama.

At the resumption of hearing yesterday, Mr. Tsikata read transcripts of his cross-examination of the petitioners’ key witness, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to prove that the petitioners had expunged the allegation of vote subtraction and vote padding from their pleadings.

He, therefore, accused Mr. Addison of unprofessional conduct by attempting to put to the witness, claims that the petitioners had abandoned at the beginning of the trial.

By a majority of 7-2 ruling, the nine-member Bench over-ruled the objection by Counsel for the second and third respondents to the petitioners’ insistence on putting the question to Dr. Afari-Gyan about the alleged discrepancy on the announced figures.

Mr. Addison, however, withdrew the question after the respondents’ objection was over-ruled.

He conceded to the court that the petitioners no longer had an issue with the figures, after having done their cross-checks, drawing a wave of shock from the judges with one suggesting he should have done so instead of wasting the court’s time.

Mr. Tsikata later said, it appears to him the court was being overly generous to the petitioners’ lawyers.

The case is expected to continue today with Mr. Addison who had indicated yesterday that he was done with his cross examination of Dr. Afari-Gyan, expected to ask him some questions on pink sheets submitted by the EC boss.

The documents were submitted upon a permission granted him to cross from his database, other documents shown him by Mr. Addison to confirm whether it corresponds with the EC’s records.

This was done and tendered by the EC boss, but Mr. Addison who is alleging some discrepancies on the documents will have the chance to cross examination Dr.Afari-Gyan today.

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