Trouble Hits Amasaman NDC


As Members Pour In To Handover Party Properties In Their Possession

By Alfred K. Dogbey

The Herald can state that there is intense ethnic divisions unfolding among the major players in the Amasaman Constituency of National Democratic Congress (NDC) and tearing apart the party’s cohesion in the area.

Some Branch and Constituency Executives have started submitting party’s properties in their possessions to the party over their grievances.
Well-known financiers of the party during the 2012 elections, who do not want their names mentioned, have expressed bitter sentiments about the recent development in the party.

The wrangling came about following what the aggrieved elements described as “as forcibly imposition” of the former Greater-Accra Deputy Regional Secretary of NDC, Mr. Sam Attuquaye Quaye as the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ga-West.

They vowed to distance themselves from the party since their regional executives have demonstrated to them and again that certain key positions like MCE slot are only meant for people of Ga, descendent regardless of qualification.

The aggrieved persons, prior to the approval of Sam Attuquaye Quaye by the Assembly members as the MCE, filed a strong-worded three- page petition to the office of the President to intervene and ensure “the right thing is done for peace and sanity to prevail”.

A copy of the petition intercepted by The Herald was also copied to the following; The Executive Secretary To The President, The Chief Of Staff To The President, The National Chairman (NDC), The General Secretary (NDC), The Greater Accra Regional Chairman, The Chairman National Vetting
Committee, The National Women Organizer (NDC).

Other are, Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi, the Minister of Local Government And Rural Development, Deputy Minister of Local Government And Rural Development, Greater Accra Regional Minister, Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister, Constituency Chairman (NDC) Tro-Bu Constituency, Constituency Chairman (NDC) Amasama, Members of Parliament, and National Security Co-coordinator.

“We are by this Petition, therefore, appealing to your Excellency to bring the NDC Greater Accra Regional Executives led by Mr. Ade Coker and Greater Accra Deputy Regional Minister, Hon. Isaac Vanderpuye to order. We believe the right thing must be done, so peace and sanity would prevail in the Greater Accra Region”.

The group bitterly accused Deputy Greater-Accra Regional Minister, Isaac Vanderpuye and the Regional Chairman Joseph Ade Coker as those spearheading the tribal division in the party.

According to them, “it has become a trend and a norm in the Greater Accra Region, for the NDC Regional Executives and Isaac Vanderpuye to impose District Chief Executives, for their parochial and selfish interests”.

They indicated that Mr. Vanderpuye and some regional leadership are using “Ga Mashi kpon, Ga Manoni” literally means “Ga land is for Ga people” to deprive and deny equal opportunity for competent persons who have strive so hard for the party’s victory and willing to serve.

They insisted that their tribalism claims evidenced when all the eleven MCE aspirants for the Ga-West who went through both regional and National Vetting processes were snubbed.

Surprising, they noted two persons Mr. Nicholas Rocky, Interim Constituency Chairman, Tro-bu and Mr. Sam Attuquaye Quaye who did not apply for the MCE position when application was opened were instead shortlisted and eventually gave the MCE nod to Mr. Attuquaye Quaye who was part of the panel who conducted the vetting.

They alleged that after the former MCE was sacked, they were attempts by the two kingpins, Mr. Ade Coker and Deputy Greater Accra Minister Issac Vandapuye to defy the President’s directives.

“Now the two have hatched another undemocratic plan to corrupt the laid down procedures” in the nomination for their selfish interest.
The aggrieved members said what people who are creating the tribal division did not know is that, Ga West Municipality is cosmopolitan with non Gas constituting about 65% of the human population in the area

Insiders told The Herald that the observable tribalism and power play in the topnotch could be likely affect the fortunes of the party in the 2016 general election, if the issues being raised not are not well handled.

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