Trinidad & Tobago Superstars To Shake Ghana On A Tour


By Alfred K Dogbey

A group of popular dancehall music superstars and investors from Trinidad &Tobago are billed to arrive and shake the country on a special cultural exchange program geared towards reparation in promoting peace, love and unity.

The tour which comes off on the August 10, in capital cities of Ho and Accra, is the first of its kind dubbed “Jah Put A Hand Tour” would be targeted at identifying investment opportunities available in Ghana.

The team would be led by New York City based singer/songwriter and performer, Ms Marlene Seurattan who again is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ‘Jah Put A Hand Movement’.

The tour according to event organizers will be featured megastars like Orlando Octave from Trinidad, Sizzla Kalonji and High Symbol Band from Jamaica including Ghanaian-based artists featuring black mexxiah, Bredren B, slim souljah and kweku bizkit who will perform their old and latest
songs to some thousands of music fans during the tour.

Explaining the significance of the tour to The Herald newspaper in an exclusive interview, the CEO of ‘Jah Put A Hand Movement’ Marlene Seurattan said “we are descendants of African slaves and Black people must come home and repatriate”.

To buttress her explanation, Marlene said “music brings so much enrichment to lives just like a smile, music brings peace and unity”. “We choose the medium of music as an instrument of peace, love and unity” adding that music is like the great smile and everybody smile in the same language”.

The inspiring young ‘Jah Put A Hand Movement’ CEO averred that “details of our tour goes beyond the edges of music. The trip will focus on investment avenues at the road and transport sector, agriculture, employment, and also support training in the creative and performing arts industry.

Seurattan said she enjoys writing “to inspire a difference in the lives of many, – particularly the youths living and struggling with the pressures of the world today”.

She told The Herald her songs talk about the struggles and hardships of life and proposals to rectify these tribulations “not with guns and war, but instead harmony, love, support for each other and strong spiritual values”.

“I choose to use my gifts to highlight the social ills,” she affirmed, “and to inculcate moral and divine values in young people with the hope of guiding them in conscious living and appropriate decision making.

She said “I can’t do it alone and the more support we can accumulate from every corner of the earth, the better our chances of success.
“This is what the ‘Jah Put A Hand Movement’ is all about and I want it to be my life’s work that will be great and continue to achieve greatness long after I am gone.”

The name “Jah Put A Hand” is the title of songster Marlene debut single, which she named the tour after because it’s the first time a tour like this has been done featuring an all-Caribbean cast of artistes.

The tour according to the superstar has been in the making for over a year now, stating “I must give much credit to Caveman International sounds and Redfox Zimbabwe CEO, Robert Zhuwao for working with me to make this tour become one a success for history”.

The local event Coordinator, Mr. Kwaku Elorm Nic Afetorgbo popularly known as King Yello assured that all is set for the event.
However, King Yello noted this upcoming event is just a “warm up” to introduce the musical arm of our movement, but the big tour comes next year.

He said the visiting superstars would be taken around major historic and tourist centres within the nation predominantly the cape coast castles and Keta forth where the slave trade took place.

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