Tribute To Prof


By; Larry Dogbey

We had our moments; Good, as well as bad. But we remained loyal to each other till your last breath. You respected me, despite the age difference.
Prof, the realities of your untimely departure are beginning to hit me by the minutes. I have missed you dearly. I keep asking why you couldn’t “Poke” the sickness and clear off death’s icy hands from you, but I believe God, has the answer.

You never suppressed your feelings from anyone. Indeed, I always accused you of holding your heart in the palm of your hands ready to throw it upon the least provocation, but I failed to say that in the same vein, you loved and shared everything with people around.

You gave your pleasant smiles freely and visibly frown at those who got on your wrong side. You were nice to them again, when they accord you the necessary respect.

The times we shared in Nungua in the 1990s when you suffered the burns during your apprentiship days at Alajo with our senior cousin, Efo Ahovi, are still fresh in my mind. Your regular invitations to me and my visits to your home in Alajo –Accra, while I was in Bishop Herman College, are also still fresh with me.

You never distinguished a cousin from your biological brother; to you, we are equal; same blood from the Faname Dogbey stock.
Your regular visits to my Madina home, while working with Glory Oil, and our years working together on The Herald newspaper got us closer than before.

You tried everything legitimate, including carpentry, driving, newspaper circulation and lottery to make money and be there for your Ma’am, brothers and sisters.

Prof. you’ll always be in my heart till my time ends here, too.

Honestly, I can’t believe that the romantic Prof. who introduced me to Maria Carey’s songs and those of Kenny Rogers’ country music is gone to eternity. Eric, your senior brother, had also introduced me to Lucky Dube’s reggae songs, years after teaching me how to spell my name in the sand on the compound of our grandmother.

As a human endeavor, we offended each other at times. For the many times that I did knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me and keep smiling at me from heaven where you’re. Keep praying for us for good health, long life and prosperity.

With tear-filled heart and eyes, I say please extend my warmest regards to our grandfather; Faname Dogbey and Grandmother Soametor Gbedze.

My regards to your father and my uncle, Silvanus Korblavi Dogbey, my regards to my father ,Timothy Ahia Korbla Dogbey, and all our aunties; Ete Hudziezor, Ete Sofelor, Ete Mamagah, Ete Doevi, Ete Doepi, and our cousins. Please tell them, they left us too early, but we are managing.

I miss you, Razak, who made time and took you to Alpha medical center, Legon hospital and Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research in our
desperate effort to get you healed, misses you too.

You nephew, Alvin Dogbey, who used to put on your motorbike and in your old dark blue Renault car, whose age we are still trying to fathom, misses you too; he keeps asking “Daddy, where is Uncle Prof.” Hope to explain to him one day, where you are.

The Herald , which you contributed your last years to, will grow and make you proud. I know envy was not one of your vices.

Thanks for being by brother, my big brother in whom I felt proud many times. Thanks for being my cousin, a co-worker and my friend. Hope to see your lovely smiles when my time here on earth comes to an end too!

Rest Well! Professor PYD (Philip Yao Dogbey). I will always love you, Bro. Please don’t let your smile fade from my heart!

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