Tribute To An Astute Economist and Decent Politician, Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur


Like a candle in the wind, your journey with us on this earth ended abruptly.

We are saddened by your early demise, Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur, P Kay, as you came to be known, but we are glad that, from the time, when you took your first step, until your last one, all you have done was dedicate it to the service of your country, you love dearly.

You were too much of a gentleman, you were a rare breed of a politician, it is the reason why, not so many tributes have trolled your passing.

P Kay was a politician, economist and academic, he was born at Cape Coast on April 29, 1951, the capital of the Central Region of Ghana, at the time organized as British Gold Coast Colony.

His mother is from the Hutchful family and his father is from the Amissah-Arthur family. Both families originated from Cape Coast.

He completed his secondary education at the Mfantsipim School, where he obtained the GCE Ordinary Level in 1969 and the GCE Advanced Level in 1971.

He proceeded to the University of Ghana at Legon, where he obtained the B.Sc. in 1974 and M.Sc. in 1976, both in Economics.

In 1983, during the Provisional National Defense Council government, he was appointed as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of Finance, and Economic Planning, Dr. Kwesi Botchwey.

Subsequently, he was Deputy Secretary for Finance from February 1986 to March 1993. From April 1993, he continued as the Deputy Minister for Finance in the Rawlings government after the establishment of constitutional rule until March 1997.

Amissah-Arthur was appointed as Governor of the Bank of Ghana in October 2009 by President John Atta Mills.

He held this position until August 6, 2012, when he became Vice-President of Ghana, following the death of Atta Mills.

It is the nature of destiny that heroes do not come in predictable packages P Kay for instance, did not want to be anyone’s hero and so he distinguished himself different from the rest.

We have seen the avalanche of tributes and discussions that troll the passing of certain personalities, including musicians. P Kay, did not die in his sleep, neither was he taken ill or hospitalized, he died tragically, during a workout.

So his death is no different from that of our former president, John Evans Atta Mills, or the late musician, Ebony, but the nation that they all loved and sacrificed better parts of their lives for, mourned them, except P Kay.

He died living his life, a life away from the public eye, the way we chose to celebrate and remember him, is what saddens me.

This is an affable gentleman whose dispositions can sometimes be misunderstood.

P Kay, according to those who knew him, testify that he was a meticulous administrator who is never in haste to append his signatures on any paper, until he fully understands the full import and essence of its content.

When you experience the depth of his compassion for people, you will discover that he carries the aura of a true comrade who lives, thinks and acts beyond his/her personal desires. He cares when there are genuine instances of personal challenges confronting staff.

Despite the legendary turbulence associated with our politics, P Kay carried on without grumbles or grudges against anyone.

He was a gentleman to the core, despite the name calling, and taunting you stood tall, you showed us all that, there is better and matured way of practicing what we believe. You did not engage in any shouting match with anybody, you way push beyond the acceptance limits, any humanbeing could take,  but you stood your ground and never wavered.

Ghana has lost a true patriot, a comrade. It was obvious that, you were not done with the country, you still had a lot to give, Ghana is the loser.

We are told and true that, good people do not live long, the icy hands of death took you so early P Kay, even though the whole country will not weep for you, know that, history will never forget you, when the story of this country is being written, your contribution and sacrifice, will be very much captured.

God, has a way of lifting men up even in death, today you might be unknown, but tomorrow your name will be on every lip in this country.

Neither flashy nor flamboyant, you had qualities that are more useful: vast experience, a feel for how people outside the corridors of power live and struggle and the deserved trust of your colleagues.

P Kay you loved his country, and it showed. You were a symbol of statesmanship, patriotism, vision, and courage.

These were some of the excellent leadership qualities that had guided you through your years of active public service.

I salute this role model who inspired, prayed and contributed his quota to the service of God and fatherland.

Ghana and, indeed, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will miss P Kay’s light, his sunshine, his timeliness, his cleanliness, his uprightness and love for humanity.
May God grant Comrade Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur’s soul eternal rest and may we that remain on this temporary world, have a better end.

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