Treated GWCL Water Wasting Away At Lapaz-“Ashawo Market”


By Cecil Mensah

As some rural dwellers across the country are competing with herds of cattle over clean drinking water, potable water is gushing away at Abeka-Lapaz (Ashawo market), a suburb in the Accra metropolis, as a result of a burst pipe.

For months now, officials of the Ghana Water Company (GWCL), have failed to act to remedy the situation of two burst pipes that is causing waste in the operation of the company, tasked to supply treated water to Ghanaians.

Portable drinking water has been gushing out of the underground valves of the GWCL in the area in front of the Opmann Clinic near the heavy duty machine shop in the area popularly called “Ashawo market” along the George Walker Bush N1 Highway.

Some residents, have taken advantage of the ineptitude of GWCL to correct the situation, to scoops the treated water for their daily household chores.

Some well-meaning residents, are worried over the havoc the gushing water was causing to live and property in the area.

The situation has become a worry to the patriotic residents, because parts of the area get flooded, when GWCL pumps the treated water into the burst
pipelines in the area.

The Herald, has learnt that the numerous distress calls from residents of the area to the GWCL managers to have the burst pipes repaired, has fallen on deaf ears.

Reports say, mangers of the company only came to dig the area around the burst pipes and barricaded it with a red and white caution cello tape and left.

Another pipe, belonging to the company, responsible for the supply of treated water, has also burst in front of a house opposite a washing bay near the storm drain that passes under the highway near Lapaz branch of Access Bank.

When The Herald visited the area, potable water on which several thousand of Cedis has been expended on by GWCL to treat, was wasting away, thereby, flooding the homes of residents closer to the burst pipes.

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