Transport Fares Must Be Reduced


A section of Ghanaians, have started feeling the effect of the de-regulation, introduced by the National Petroleum Authourity (NPA).

One of the reasons for the de-regulation, apart from allowing the market forces to dictate prices, was for the government to withdraw subsidies that was not reaching the intended beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, even after the 15 percent reduction, followed by daily adjustments of petroleum prices by the various Oil Marketing Companies (MOCs), it is still yet to be felt by the majority of Ghanaians, who by virtue of their status, commute using public transport.

Civil Society Groups, political parties, and the well-to-do in society, will have been up in arms against the government, had the prices gone up, but because petroleum prices are now going down, which is to their benefit, they have forgotten that, there is a silent majority out there, whose voices cannot be heard..

Trotro or commercial drivers, had cause to increase fares, when the price of petroleum products, were increased by ten percent, they will threaten to hit the streets, withdraw or suspend their services anytime government, ask them not increase fares, when petroleum prices are slightly adjusted, but can we as passengers also go on strike or demonstrate to ask that, fares are reduced?

Who will be the voice of the voiceless, where is IMANI Ghana, Committee for Joint Action (CJA), Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), and all other political parties, who are quick to organize press conferences to chastise the government, when it refuses to heed to their call for price reduction.

The same way we all find our voices to criticize the government, when things don’t go our way, must be the same way, we should all rise up to ask for reduction in transport fares.

It is obvious that, the cedi is gaining grounds against its major trading currencies, especially the dollar, and with the current trend, we are going to see further fall in the value of the dollar and a rise in the value of the cedi, so they are no justifiable arguments for the status quo remaining the same.

Transport fares, must be reduced to reflect the decrease in the prices of petroleum product.

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