Train More Alternative Medical Doctors To Challenge Orthodox Medicine -Gov’t and Universities Urged



A holistic medical practitioner with specialty in Naturopathic Urology/Oncology Medical Practice Council, Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, has emphasized the need for Ghana to train more doctors to challenge conventional medical practice.

He is asking government and various universities to include the study of alternative or holistic medicine practice to achieve this.

“When somebody holds monopoly over something, the person tries to monopolize, sometimes the person thinks that he or she is the only player. I am calling on the tertiary institutions and universities to incorporate holistic programmes into their courses. We don’t have any one of them doing it and so if one wants to do it, he has to travel abroad and it’s expensive”, he said.

According to Dr. Nyarkotey Obu, the study of this form of medical practice has become very critical especially at a timemedicine practice is evolving and the world is embracing alternative medicine with speed.

The prostate cancer researcher and President of Men’s Health Foundation Ghana, says Ghana has a lot to benefit from alternative medicinal practice if serious attention is paid to it.

Dr. NyarkoteyObu said this during a public lecture dub “Alternative Medicine: Practice, Legality, Economic impact and Education” at his newly built holistic medical university at Ashaiman in Accra.

He argues, that alternative medicine which is “evidence-based” has proven to be the best way to go because it’s not “try and error”.

He cited India and other place where, alternative medical practice has been accepted and so conventional doctors are unable to hold the government and patience for ransom by going on strikes because they know if they do, there is a place patience can turn to for treatment.

“I tell you, when you go to India, it’s difficult to see people go on strike because they have trained holistic medical practitioners and they are on the same scale with those in the conventional field. They train them highly to the same level”, he said.

He added that “patients will have more confidence in the alternative or holistic and when this happens, conventional doctors will also know that these practitioners are highly trained and can mount the stage with them so they will also do the right thingsand will not monopolize the system”, explained.

According to him,globally,many are shifting to that form of healthcare, hence it is time Ghana moved towards that direction.

“We should have doctors who can challenge conventional doctor with evidence-based treatment”, he said.

The lecture, first in a series discussed alternative medicine, the legal implications, the role of the statutory regulatory body; The Traditional Medicine Practice Council of The Ministry of Health and issues surrounding accreditations of alternative medicine schools locally and globally.

The well attended programme talked about who holds the authority on alternative medicine education, internationally recognized programs in alternative medicine and who is qualified to be called alternative Medical Practitioner?

Others critical issues discussed were what qualification should be considered by the Traditional Medicine Practice Council to be used as a yardstick for registration as Doctor of alternative medicine, what are the accreditation pathways for colleges considering programs in alternative medicine and what are the economic impact and benefit of studying holistic medicine?

The science writer and researcher demandedfrom Parliament a separate Council for alternative and holistic medicine practice from the Traditional Medicine Practice Council so that it focuses on evidence based alternative medicine.

He noted, medicine has evolved and so laws covering it activities need to be relooked so that the necessary changes can be effected for development.

Admission for the University, Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, has commenced and already, it is admitting students for different courses and programmes including certificate, diploma, degree and others.

Oman FM’s Natural Medicine Crusader Oheneba Ntim Barima, who is going to be one of the lecturers of the University, commended President of Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, Dr. Nyarkotey Obu for his contribution towards treatment and prevention of diseases with his regular articles and publications in the media.

He acknowledged as timely his piece to counter claim that fufu eating could led to diseases. He argued it is not true that alternative medicine came after orthodox medicine explaining Africans cured diseases and illnesses long before conventional medicine came along.

He said, in Germany and elsewhere, they have embraced alternative medicine and are reaping it benefit and so urged Ghana not to waste in accepting it fully.

According to Ntim Barima, time and research have proven that plants, spices, fruits, vegetables have aided in preventing and curing dangerous diseases than orthodox medicine has done.

He explained unlike traditional, holistic or alternative medicine, conventional medicine is harsh and in some cases, are unable to cure disease they claim to treat.

The Director, Regenerative Health, Ministry of Health, Dr. Anastasia Yirenkyi, said government is “deeply involved” and supports the practice of traditional and alternative medicine practice, adding the work of these practitioners cannot be underestimated.

Government, she said will continue to support and encouraged the general public, to challenge activities of the quack ones who are tarnishing the image of the professional ones.




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