Traffic Offences Generate Millions Of Funds For Government


By Cecil Mensah

The Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service, has revealed that road traffic offences for the year ending 2013 generated over one million Ghana Cedis in terms of fines into the Consolidated Funds.

According to statistics from the MTTU, a whopping one million, four and twenty one thousand, eight hundred and ninety-one Ghana Cedis ( GH¢ 1,421.891.00) was paid as court fines nationwide for the year ending 2013.

The Herald’s breakdowns of the statistics are as follows:

The report said in the Upper East Region, a total of five hundred and seven cases reported, three hundred and sixty-five went to court, three hundred and fifty –eight offenders convicted, seven awaiting trial and 41,013.00 Cedis was paid as fines.

Northern Region, had thirteen cases recorded, twelve persons convicted, one awaiting trial, one jailed and 3,954.00 Cedis were paid as fine.

Upper West Region recorded one hundred and seventy-seven cases, one hundred fifty –six went to court, one hundred forty-one offenders were convicted, eleven awaiting trial and 16,588.00 Cedis paid as fines.

Brong Ahafo Region, seven hundred and ninety-four cases reported, four hundred and fifty –three went to court, three hundred and sixty –sixty were convicted, forty-two awaiting trial and 161.296.00 Cedis paid.

Tema recorded, six hundred and twenty-six cases, five hundred and sixteen convicted, nine awaiting trial and 39,466.00 Cedis paid as fines.

The Eastern Region, recorded one thousand, one hundred and thirty-seven cases, eight hundred and seventy-five went to court, five hundred and twenty-two persons convicted, one hundred and twenty-four awaiting trial and 321,582.00 Cedis were paid as fines from the region.

The rest are Central Region, which recorded seven hundred and eleven cases, four hundred and sixty-four cases went to court , three hundred and seven-three persons convicted, eighty-seven awaiting trial and 64,118.00 Cedis were paid as fines .

Volta Region, recorded three hundred and twenty-six cases, two hundred fifty-four went to court, two hundred and four persons convicted two awaiting trial and 68,940.00 Cedis were paid as fines.

Western Region, recorded six hundred and eighty –two cases; five hundred and eighty-six cases went to court, four hundred eighty –four persons convicted, forty-seven awaiting trial and 111,254.00 Cedis paid as fines.

Ashanti Region, recorded four hundred and fifty-two cases; four hundred and thirty-four cases went to court, one awaiting trial and 133,090.00 Cedis paid as fines.

Finally, Greater Accra Region, recorded a higher number of one thousand, nine hundred and seventy-six case, one thousand, two hundred and eighty-seven went to court, One thousand cases were prosecuted, one hundred and fifty-seven cases awaiting trial and 460,590.00 Cedis paid as fines.

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