Traders And Their Blame Games Again!


Christmas is here again, and traders have started their yearly cry of people not patronizing their wares. Every year around this time, journalists go round all the major markets and interview traders, about the prospect of the yuletide, the story since time immemorial, has always been that people are not buying and that last year, was better than this year.

The last year, they say is this year, as this year will be last year next year. It is the similar story of good old days and that nothing good happens to us today.

In December, workers are paid, including bonuses; these monies are spent buying foodstuff and dresses for children and for themselves. The monies we earn are used to buy variety of goods and services in Ghana and in our markets, so why these cries always.

We must as a people learn to be grateful to God for all the mercies we receive from him. For as long as we are human, no amount of money will always be enough for us, that is just our nature.

No trader will go to the market or hawk her goods without making a single sale, it will never be as much as we want or will have wished for, but at least, we all get to make something home.

Until we start thanking God and showing gratitude, for his bountiful mercies, every year, we will be saying the same thing.

The excuse has become like a broken record that keeps playing at the end of every year, surprisingly our traders make time to wake up early in the morning and make it to the markets, if nobody is buying as they claim, why even spend money boarding vehicle to go and sit in the market and idle or chatter away.

The Central Business District (CBD) of Accra is choked with both vehicular and human traffic; the multitudes of people in town are not there on sightseeing, but there to trade, because at this time of the year, business booms.

We hope next year, the story will change.

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