Torgorme Health Centre Faces Serious Challenges


Story: Korbla Kwawukume, Torgorme

The Torgorme Health Centre in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region, is facing serious infrastructural and other challenges.

The situation is so bad that quality healthcare services to clients in the area are being compromised.

The Torgorme area is one of the seven remotest traditional areas of the North Tongu District. Its health centre which serves dozens of communities with a population of more than 4000 is crying for help.

Since its construction several decades ago, the health centre has not seen any major resonation exercise. In spite of this, the nurses and staff there continue to provide all manner of services to the people including OPD, ante-natal care as well as free maternal care services not leaving out supervised deliveries.

Currently, there are cracks in parts of the building. Some of the doors and windows are falling apart. The septic tank behind the building is broken down causing stench and the spread of human excreta around the area anytime there is heavy downpour. The Health Centre does not have water supply facility. Staffs at the centre buy their own water for use some of which also caters for delivery purposes. Staff of the facility including the Midwives also lives about 200 metres away from the Health Centre, raising a lot of security concerns for the staff during emergency calls for duty particularly in the night.

A midwife at the Centre, Eadbertha Appiah told the Herald Newspaper in an interview at Juapong that the issue of the plight of the health facility is known to the Ghana Health Service and the Torgorme Community, adding that series of meetings have been held in the past and recently in combined efforts to address the problem. According to her, the situation has remained the same till today due to lack of funds to implement what she described as a comprehensive renovation exercise of the entire centre.

A nursing mother from the area, Mama Aisha who recently delivered at the facility, corroborated the challenges facing the facility as outlined by the nurses. According to her, the situation has become so bad that if nothing is urgently done by government and other stakeholders to remedy it, the provision of quality healthcare services to them as clients would be jeopardized. She also called for enough basic drugs supply to the facility, lamenting that on some occasions, nurses at the centre have had to prescribe some basic drugs for them to purchase from drug stores and pharmacies in the area, a situation Madam Aisha stated was not good enough.

Madam Aisha however commended the nurses and staff at the facility for their commitment and dedication to duty. In her view, the staffs at the centre are doing their best to provide quality healthcare to patients. She also described the staff as professional, saying they are up to the task. Madam Aisha emphasized that the nurses could do more and better if the challenges facing the facility are addressed.

District Chief Executive for the area, Richard Collins Arku has visited the facility to acquaint himself with the plight of the nurses and staff there. This followed similar concerns raised by the nurses during a recent mid-year review session held by the health workers at Battor. Hon. Arku described the state of the Torgorme Health Centre as worrying, assuring that the Assembly would do everything possible to address the concerns of the staff. According to him, a team of engineers from his outfit would visit the facility next week to advise the Assembly on the wayforward. The DCE commended the staff for their hardwork and passion for the job, assuring the staff that the provision of quality healthcare to the people is of major concern to government.


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