Top NPP Man Exposes Evil Agenda


Deadly Bombs Spreading In Kumasi; Lives In Danger; Serial Killings Of Women & Market Fires Recalled

Anti-bomb experts from the National Security and other security establishments yesterday, stormed the official residence of the Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Andy Osei Okrah, to ‘detonate a powerful explosive’ made of a substance believed to be a highly inflammable liquid.

The liquids, which were in cylinders and said to have timers on them, were dismantled by the bomb experts before they could explode and wreck havoc by destroying lives and properties in the Kumasi Metropolis, particularly Danyame.

As if the pack of the explosive were not shocking enough, hours after they were dismantled, came a mind blowing statement from a known New Patriotic Party (NPP) activist, Hopeson Yaovi Adorye, who blamed the planting of the explosives on the President, John Mahama and the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), suggesting it was politically motivated to keep hold on power.

One pack of the explosives, according to eyewitnesses was planted closer to a vital state installation; the National Data Center, prompting the attention of the security agencies, in order to avert any danger.

A pack of other explosives, were found at the entrance to the Deputy Minister’s official bungalow, and personnel from the National Anti-Bomb Squad under National Security, had to swiftly move to the scene to defuse it.

The discoveries of the explosives, have evocated memories of the numerous inexplicable fires that rocked various markets in the Accra and Kumasi metropolis; Makola, Kantanmato, Kejetia among others early 2013 in the heat of the Election Petition at the Supreme Court initiated by the NPP.

The planting of the dynamites in front of the Data Center in Labone Accra, the attempts to burn an Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) transformer, near the offices of the Israeli company, Super Lock Technologies (STL) in broad daylight at Dzorwulu in Accra during which an ex-NPP Constituency Chairman, Michael Omari Wadie, was arrested.

It is also reminds Ghanaians of the South African and Serbian nationals, who were brought into the country sometime last year and this year to teach NPP elements military combat drills and the art of civil unrest dubbed “Assaulting the pillars of power”.

According to media reports from Kumasi, personnel from the National Anti-Bomb Squad, who moved the two objects away before they could detonate, described them as “powerful explosives”.

Although, the rationale behind the planting of the explosive object at those two locations is not immediately known and who the possible targets could be, the discovery of the explosives, has compelled the Regional Security Council to hold an emergency meeting.

Personnel of the anti-terrorism unit of the Ashanti regional police command are still within the Minister’s house and scouting the area to ensure that all explosives, if any, within his abode are defused.

Interestingly, moments after the discovery, the Ghana Must Know Forum, issued a statement and signed by, Hopeson Adorye, has charged the Ashanti Regional Police command to, as a matter of urgency, arrest Mr. Okrah, the deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, over bombs and other explosives discovered around his residence.

Mr. Adorye, who is said to be the convener of the group, stated: “Barely 35 days to elections, with President Mahama’s posture of retaining power at all cost and the deliberate plan of the NDC to use violence and security apparatus to intimidate members of the opposition, we find this exposure very worrying. This confirms the belief of many that President John Dramani Mahama and his NDC have ammunitions stocked in Ashanti Region with the sole intention to trigger violence, threats, and intimidations to subvert the powers of the people.”

“We do not know why hours after this (detection), the deputy minister, in whose residence these explosives were found, is walking about freely as if nothing had happened. Is it because those weapons were kept there in the interest of the President? Is it because President Mahama is aware since the minister is his campaign coordinator in the region? We, therefore, call on the police command and the military command to arrest, detain and investigate the actions of the deputy Ashanti regional minister. His actions smack of terrorism and instigation of war. His actions are treasonable and threaten the peace of the state. Such a person cannot be walking about freely.

“We further call on the Peace Council, political parties, civil society organisations, religious institutions and the national security to condemn this behaviour of the NDC, its ministers, President Mahama and all others who seek to use violence to sustain power.”

It’s not clear of the explosives have something to do with South African mercenaries over which Captain Edmond Koda, Akufo-Addo’s security head was recently arrested by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI). They were brought into to train the NPP activists for the election.

It’s also unclear with the Ashanti Regional NPP Chairman, Bernard Antwi Boasiako aka ‘Chairman Wontumi who has many times promised to made the region a “no go area” for the ruling NDC as far as the pending the election is concerned, has anything to go with the explosives.

Meanwhile, the Ashanti Regional Minister, Alexander Ackon, has said he suspects foul play in the discovery of the home-made bomb in the vicinity of his deputy regional minister.

According to him, he doesn’t need to wait for an official report after investigations by the security agencies on the matter to arrive at his conclusion.

Security sources, have said that the police officer detailed at the deputy minister’s residence, Lance Corporal Isaac Bukari spotted two men on a motorbike speeding off from close to the house on Monday evening as he tried accosting them.

In an interview with Joy FM, Alexander Ackon stated in as much as he has his suspicions, he’ll not point accusing fingers at the ruling party’s political opponents since he’s not for now looking at the political domain as investigations are underway.

The incident saw at least, 15 military officers, armed police officers and national security operatives taking over the area. The explosives have been defused.

No arrest has been made so far. But the Ashanti Regional Security Council has held a meeting to map out strategies to ensure the protection of lives and properties in the region, especially going into the December 7 general election.

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