Too Many Potholes On The Spintex Road; Yet No Street Lights

The Spintex road is one of the busiest roads in the capital. It links Tema, Nungua, and Ashaiman.

These three towns are major towns with so many inhabitants. Dotted along the Spintex road are estates, banks, factories, eateries, etc, making it an important road, which contributes to the socio-economic development of this country.

A lot of the road accidents we record in this country, are as a result of potholes and lack of street lights.

It is pertinent in our opinion that over the years, we have all sat down unconcerned as innocent lives are being lost on a daily basis.

In Ghana, if it doesn’t concern you, no one cares. We are not each brother’s keeper. How much will it cost to fix potholes on a busy road, as well as erect functioning street lights?

It is the expectation of this paper that, such an important road, should not be left the way it is. We are, however, not surprised because even the jewel of this country, the Tema Motorway, has been left to deteriorate.

Over the years, promises have been made to fix it, but all that, has not seen the light of day.

We cannot boast of being a middle-income country, when basic things such as street lights are not available and places where they are, they do not work.

The rains are in claiming in its wake, innocent lives and properties. It is impossible to drive  when it is raining because of poor visibility, the situation become worse, when the streets are dark.

In the opinion of this paper, we believe erecting of street lights must be included in road contracts, just as we do for drainage.

The potholes between Flower Pot and Regimanuel Junction should be fixed. The holes keep widening anytime it rain and yet no one seems to care.

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