Toll Booths And Recalcitrant Attendants

There is a worrisome trend developing at the various toll booths across the country, where when you pay, you are either not given a receipt or when they do, they don’t give the right one.

When you pay Gh¢1, they give you a receipt for 50p or you are not given a receipt at all.

Even more disturbing is that, when you demand that, you are given the right receipt, other drivers, will end up fighting you, with the excuse that you are wasting their time, as they are in a hurry.

It is the civic right of every motorist to obtain a receipt and expect that, the attendants are accountable.

It is obvious that the toll booths attendants, whose responsibility it is to collect toll from motorists are not bothered regardless of how much the state is losing in terms of return.

No money is small; it is the little drops of water that makes the mighty ocean. A lot of much needed revenue on daily, weekly and monthly basis are not accounted for.

No country that is desirous of developing, would mindlessly turn a blind eye, as every penny that is collected in the name of the state ends up in private pockets.

The unfortunate pilfering happening at our toll booths, testifies to a national decadence that has spared nothing within its reach.

We are steep deep in debts, every year, we are told by our revenue generating agencies that, they have collected taxes in excess of their estimate.

These estimates are their own projections, which most often is not scientifically based and cannot be verified by any other independent institution.

Despite all the niceties, we still have to keep borrowing, to fund infrastructure and sometime, even pay salaries.

In the opinion of this newspaper, the time is long overdue for the government to tighten the noose on other sources of income.

The concentration is too much on the Value Added Tax (VAT), income tax and the import and export duties.

While not being oblivious of the fact that it is practically impossible close every hole, we are of the view that concerted efforts should be made to block some of the leakages.

Every penny that should come to into the government chest must be collected.

Tomorrow it is rumored that, when the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta appears before the August House to present the Mid-Year Budget Review, taxes will be increased. Increment is not the only solution to raise money. We keep pouring water in a leaking bucket. The government must tighten all loose ends and adopt all the legally available means to punish those who flee the country’s resources, no matter where they are found.





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