Tobinco Must Apologise And Stop The Media War


What kind of comic movie is Tobinco Pharmaceuticals playing before Ghanaians? The Pharmaceutical giant has been found to have imported into the country fake anti-malaria drug for the treatment of children. The regulatory body set up by the Constitution of the country and mandated to protect the lives of Ghanaians, have found the company to have violated the law and have been called to order.

The Chief Executive Officer was on air on Monday and lambasting the FDA and said that the decision by the FDA to stop them from killing children in Ghana, could lead to loss of jobs. Barely twenty four hours, there is a screaming headline that “Tobinco sacks 600 workers”.

At what point should we allow illegality and fraud to continue because people feel they are employing Ghanaians. If this is the way we want to go as a country, then cocaine dealers must be allowed to continue merchandising because they also provide employment to people.

Management of Tobinco should be ashamed of themselves; it is the life of Ghanaian children we are talking about. Would they recommend the fake drugs they are selling to their children?

Tobinco is not the only pharmaceutical company in Ghana, why is it that the FDA has not asked them to recall some of their drugs. We cannot be concerned about profit at the expense of children, who are the future leaders of this country.

This attempt to hold the country to ransom must be condemned by all well-meaning Ghanaians.
The whole country is behind the effort by the FDA to rid this country of unauthorized drugs. They are doing well and must not be shaken by the
actions of companies like Tobinco.

The honourable thing to do is to apologise to Ghanaians and pledge not to engage in such a criminal act again, instead Tobinco is hiding behind the media to perpetuate their fraud and defend the indefensible.

They can close all their warehouses and shops in protest of the decision to sanitize their operations, if that is what they want.
It is only in Ghana that somebody or a company will break the law and still have the audacity to behave the way they are doing.

We are watching with keen interest any action the FDA will take against them, we will not take it kindly with the FDA, if they allow the company to go unpunished.

If Tobinco, is the company we need to send a warning to other companies that this country is not a dumping site, then so be it.
Is it not strange that even the country of origin of the drug, it has not been given approval to be used in India, yet they connive with their foreign partners to kill the children of this country.

What saddens us at The Herald is the like of interest by political parties in this matter. One thing is emerging clearly; all our politicians want is power and nothing else. We can all go to hell for all they care.

We are also watching politicians who want to use this to make money from the company and so are condemning the actions of FDA.

The Herald is appalled by the comments of Sammy Awuku on Peace FM last Tuesday; this is a young man who is a father in the making. Wait until your children are given fake drugs, before you start to criticize the FDA for simply doing their work. Is everything all about our stomach?

The lives of 24 million Ghanaians are at stake here, compared to the 600 employees that have been sacked by Tobinco.

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