Time To Sanitize The Office Of The Accountant General’s


Since we ushered in the fourth Republican Constitution, successive governments have tried albeit to rid the government payroll of Ghost names. Interestingly, the more ghost names we remove, the more we find out that, there is more to be removed, it is only in Ghana that ghosts replicate themselves year on year.

The effort to clean the public payroll of ghost names has been spearheaded all these years by the Ministry of Finance, and leaving the office of the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD).

The question worthy of asking is what has the Controller and Accountant General’s Department doing to help the Ministry of Finance, achieve this feat?
We can never achieve any good results, as far as the issue of the ghost names are concerned, if those working at the CAGD are not ready to play their part.

Nobody can sit in their offices or homes and input names into the payroll, especially with the introduction of electronic payment, without the connivance and involvement of officials at CAGD.

We hear of stories of underhand dealings at the CAGD that makes us wonder, if all the effort, will achieve the desired results.

The saying in Ghana that “Everybody dey chop for his office” seems to be playing itself at every department, agency and ministry, and if care is not taken, it will sink this country.

If people who are paid to protect the public purse are themselves compromising their positions for selfish interest, then we are all guilty of the accusations we heap on politicians, who rotate, depending on which political party is in power.

The politicians can only do little, if the public servants who remain at post, until they attain the compulsory retirement age of 60, do not discharge their responsibilities diligently, without engaging in corrupt acts.

The CAGD, needs to be sanitized, the attention of government should on that department, a lot of things are flying around, that do not auger well for the department.

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