Time To Look Out Land Acquisition In The Country By Foreigners


The focus of our editorial today, is how we are engaged in the wanton sale of lands to foreigners, without thinking about the future generation.

By foreigners here, we do not mean our brothers and sisters from other African nations, but foreigners from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

It is no secret that, the Chinese are establishing their foothold in Africa

Things could be done differently in other jurisdiction, but in those jurisdictions it could be that, every possibility has been considered and the future of those countries well planned.

We are not for a moment, against foreigners acquiring lands in the country, we are worried about the spate at which prime lands are being taking over by foreigners, depriving the future generation of their heritage.

Our governments have been advocating for foreign direct investment, but land tenure system, has been one of the major issues militating against that drive.

We need to rethink how land can be acquired in this country, we could pass a law that will not make it possible for a foreigner to buy a land and build or develop for commercial purposes.

These lands will be passed on from generation to generation; our generations will miss out because the lands are no longer ours.

We are having problems with land acquisition, because our first President after independence still left the lands in the care of families and chiefs and this has resulted in the multiple sales of land, leading to the loss of lives.

The land must be in the name of a Ghanaian, meaning it should be owned by a Ghanaian, the foreigner can bring the money for the investment, anytime he or she decides to close the company or return to his country, we will still have the benefit of knowing the land is still for us.

We do not know, what happens in other jurisdiction, but as Ghanaians, we are concerned about the wanton sale of lands to foreigners. We are planning to fail and future generations, will have nothing left to call their own, all they will have is a country, but the resources, will belong to foreigners.

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