Tiger Transportand GPRTU’S Necksheld Over Deplorable Roads


Residents of Omanjor on daily basis raise concerns and worry concerning the deplorable state of their roads. The road which is alleged by residents not to be of major concern to the Member of Parliament (MP) nor the Assembly leader of the community is in a bad state.

There are deep trenches,pot holes,and the worst is, the road is very dusty and keeps deteriorating anytime there’s rainfall, but fortunately there’s been no report of any accident.

Also residents complain that, the gutters by the road side are poorly constructed and so gets flooded after downpour, hence forcing the running water to the roads leading to the widening of the holes and trenches on the road.

Residents are aggrieved and feel agitated with the reason that, for years now they’ve always been sidelined as a community by the Member of Parliament and even the Assembly leader after voting them into power. So for sometime now, they have redirected their anger on the Tiger Transport and GPRTU of their community for always taking a fee of Gh5 each from drivers each day all in the name of “drivers welfare”but do nothing about the roads.

They further explainedthat, they have appealed severely to the government, MP and their Assembly leader concerning the road but to no avail, so they believe the two unions left in the community should at least be able to help improve the nature of the roads since drivers contribute to these unions.

Upon speaking with the chairman of the Tiger Transport union, Mr Nicholas Asasi and the coordinator for GPRTU, Mr Stephen Akakpo,on April 10 2019,they explained that,”the GPRTU and Tiger Transport are two separate governmental bodies with a similar aim of ensuring the welfare of drivers by which each driver pays a fee of Gh10 each day and that welfare does not include constructing of roads”. Mr Asasi said. The money paid by the drivers as contribution goes into the union’s coffers and is used to support any driver in cases of emergency such as death,injury and so on.

The coordinator of GPRTU Mr Akakpo further emphasized that, they pay an amount of Gh5,000 to the government at the end of every year as tax and hence see no reason why they should be constructing roads.He also said,”we made several attempts to help the situation by bringing in a caterpillar few months ago to smoothen the road, which got destroyed after a heavy rainfall”.

Again, some drivers attested to the fact that, indeed the money taken by the GPRTU and Tiger Transport union is not squandered but used for the purposes they stated”, one driver said.

Upon speaking with the Assembly leader of Omanjor, Mr Kweku Anim, he stated emphatically that, ” it isn’t as though we have neglected the people of Omanjor, we already know what their pleas and concerns are and we are working tirelessly around the clock”.

Omanjor is an area in the Ga West constituency of Ghana, the town was previously known as Atikpoe.





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