This is the difference between making love and having sex


Source: The New York Post

Over half of Americans in a relationship are set to enjoy the best sex of the year this Valentine’s Day, according to a new survey.

In fact, 58 per cent of American couples say they have better sex on Valentine’s Day than any other day of the year.

But that’s not all — 85 per cent of Americans in a relationship say that their sexual needs take a backseat to their partner’s needs on V-Day.

The new survey of 2,000 Americans in a relationship, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of sex toy brand EdenFantasys, offered an intimate glimpse into the sex lives of Americans when it comes to the most romantic holiday.

The data backs up the claim that our partner’s needs are more important when it comes to Valentine’s day — 54 per cent of survey respondents say that their partners are noticeably more generous in bed when February 14th rolls around.

Interestingly, 52 per cent of Americans say they won’t be having sex on Valentine’s Day — they’ll be making love.

Wait a minute…there’s a difference? According to 82 per cent of Americans surveyed: yes.

And making love is very distinctly different from having sex, so says the results. For example, 68 per cent of Americans say making love is “more passionate” and another 54 per cent say making love consists of a lot more eye contact.

Four in ten say that making love lasts longer than regular old sex, and 26 per cent say there’s a lit candle present, too.

So how do you know if you’re making love or having sex? Says 81 per cent of Americans, “you’ll just know in the moment!”

But there are some surefire ways to know if the sex you’re having is not considered making love — 59 per cent say there is no choking in a lovemaking session, and another 55 per cent say you absolutely cannot “make love” during an orgy.

“There are infinite number of grades between f–king and making love. As one respondent said, their special word for sex is ‘hacer cositas ricas’ or ‘making rich things.’ Everyone has their own special recipe for making passionate love. This is what makes us human,” Fred Petrenko of EdenFantasys said.

While there is undoubtedly a difference between having sex and making love, using that term may be ill-advised, as over half of Americans polled say it’s cheesy to call sex “making love.”

And if you’re looking to get lucky, don’t use any of these following words as a synonym for sex either.

Shockingly, one in four Americans polled (26 per cent) say they consider it a turn off when people use the word “f–k” to refer to sex.

Also scoring high on that list was fornicate (29 per cent), smash (24 per cent), hump (23 per cent), pound (23 per cent), and band (23 per cent).

“Have sex, make love, get laid, screw, bang, fool around — whatever you name it — EdenFantasys wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!” Petrenko said.

Top 10 ways “making love” differs from “having sex”

More passionate 68%
More tender 61%
More eye contact 54%
Longer amount of time 43%
There’s post-coital cuddling 41%
More talking 33%
More about my partner than me 33%
There’s music playing 29%
More than one position 27%
There’s a candle lit 26%

Top 10 words for sex that are a turn-off

Fornicate 29%
F–k 26%
Smash 24%
Hump 23%
Pound 23%
Bang 23%
Shag 23%
Screw 23%
Hit a home run 22%
Copulate 22%
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