Thieves On Rampage At Teshie Area


Thieves, for some inexplicable reasons are emboldened by the day. These days, they do not wait to attack their victims under the cover of the night, but rather in broad day light.

Residents of Teshie, for some time now are living in fear, because of the activities of robbers, who terrorize them on a daily basis, denying them the right to live in peace.

The latest round of attacks, shows a certain pattern which if not checked, could easily spread to other communities. The pattern is a certain movement, where the robbers move from community to community, where they think security is not at its best.

Not too long ago, it was Amanfro , where we could safely conclude that, is far away from the centre of the City, but Teshie, a town which houses a military barracks, we cannot fathom, what is possibly motivating the criminals.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), the Greater Accra Regional Command and the police at Teshie, must pay attention to the happenings in Teshie.

The criminals must not be allowed to have a free run, whilst citizens who are going about their lawful activities are made to live in fear. Last week, a lady was reportedly killed in broad day light after she refused to let go, her mobile phone which they had targeted. People are frightened because that has never been the norm in that fishing community.

Today, when you go to Teshie, the talk is about when are we going to be attacked; the robbers brazenly attack innocent citizens carting away their valuables in broad day light and it is like nobody seems to care.

Over the years, the police have been retooled to make them efficient and professional, they are also well motivated now, and they must reciprocate that, by ensuring that Ghanaians do not live in fear.

The police must reintroduce their night patrols, it is not enough to mount road blocks, where they contain themselves to checking drivers licence, but must be in the communities patrolling too

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