Thieves Now Operate In Traffic And Around Traffic Lights In The City

Although this phenomenon is not new, it has now assumed frightening levels and action must be taken now. These thieves pose as hawkers with the dubious intent of robbing unsuspecting victims of valuables.

Perpetrators of this act take advantage of the traffic situation in the capital city to take on innocent citizens. Commuters lose their assets to the criminals nearly every day.

The absence of streetlights and men in uniform, especially in the evening when people are on their way back home from their places of work, have contributed in no small measure to the rise of criminal activities in the city.

These criminals know that, fatigue brings some laxity and as such a lot of people lose their guard, because all they are thinking of is getting home to rest.

In most of the recorded cases, the highest causalities are women, who often buy things in traffic.

Major roads which have become the axis for this nefarious activity, include the new University of Ghana/Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) road, 37 to roundabout all the way to Madina road, Achimota-Ofankor road, as well as most inner city roads.

Sadly, this has been going on for some time now and little or nothing is being done by the security services to nib it in the bud.

There is market for these stolen items, which most often are mobile phones and handbags, if they are deprived of where they can go and sell the items, we will be a step further to stopping the activities completely.

Again, many parts of Accra, including major road networks, are dark at night. Besides, the absence of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, has contributed to the difficulty in tracking and arresting robbers.

It is against this backdrop that this paper is calling for a rejig of the traffic lights in the city. We have to move from business as usual approach to issues, it is the only way to drastically reduce the activities of these criminals.

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