‘There’s No Bed’ Syndrome At Hospitals Becoming A Norm

The level at which patients are being turned away from our hospitals is alarmingly worrisome. But more disconcerting is the fact that the unfortunate scenario appears to becoming the norm.

If ‘there’s no bed’ that patients and their relatives are confronted with is a disease, it would make the list of the five diseases killing Ghanaians.

While, we await the opening of the 650-bed University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC), because of who has the right to manage the facility, Ghanaians are being turned away from hospitals, as a result of lack of beds at our major hospitals.

Why is it that, the only time hospitals in this country run out of bed, is when someone is in critical condition and needs urgent medical attention?

These days, never a week passes without someone sharing his or her experience about the no bed phenomenon that has led to the death of a loved-one.

This newspaper is appalled by this development in which some of the nurses, abuse their privilege.

Lamentably, no one seems to care until it happens to them. There a list of hospitals, clinics and chip compounds that, have been completed and are yet to be opened. We are appealing to the government, to as a matter of urgency, find the money and personnel to get the facilities opened.

If people in Accra, have to go through this experience, imagine our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, who live in the hinterlands.

Health is wealth, we have not over the years quantified how much we lose, as a results of these avoidable deaths.

If we have enough ambulances stationed at the hospitals, it will help mitigate the situation, because instead of the patient being moved from one facility to the other in a taxi or private vehicle, the person can be transported in the ambulance, where he or she can receive at least minimum health care required to stabilize them.






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