There Is More To The Profession Nursing Than What Meets The Eye.


By; Jennifer Ogbu

Somewhere last year, there were recorded cases of death in various hospitals as a result of inefficient tools and equipment to take care of patients and also the mishandling of patients.

In recent times, a lot of people complain about the unprofessionalism of some nurses in their relationship with patients and their way of administering drugs. But what is the root cause of the problem?

Back in Senior High School (SHS), nursing was one of the major professions everyone wanted to practice but I had no idea why they chose to venture into that profession. Later did I realize that, some of these young girls wanted to delve into the profession because they thought studying courses pertaining to nursing was easy and that any grade was required to study it.

Moreover, some of these young people thought that there were a number of private nursing schools to serve as a substitute when they are not admitted into the government institutions.

Recently, I also found out that some young men and women enter into the profession because of the benefits they enjoy. These include the allowances allocated to them by the government and also easy and early posting of them to various hospitals but not for the love of the job.

In all these, I believe that nursing is a profession or a practice of providing care for the sick and not exhibiting traits of impatience, inattention, rudeness, verbal assault and discrimination against poor patients. Although the profession is somehow demanding, I believe there is more to taking care of the sick people if patience is applied. These include showing unconditional love to the sick, understanding and encouraging them when all hope seems to be lost. I hope when all these are looked into, patients will feel free in expressing themselves and have the courage to go to the hospital when they realize they are not feeling well.

In as much as health practitioners are doing their best to live up to task, government should also endeavor to provide the necessary equipment and tools to aid in ensuring that lives are saved to develop the growth of the service.

Student Journalist

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