There Are Too Many Special Assistants Bleeding The Nation

A lot of Ghanaians, have been fixated with the number of ministers and deputies appointed by President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, what they have failed to realize is the other auxiliary appointments made by the appointees.

We recall that it was during the era of former president, John Agyekum Kufuor, that we had special assistants to every minister.

With the return of the New Patriotic Party in power, there is a concerted effort to re-introduce the concept, despite the unprecedented number of ministers and their deputies, since the first republic.

This government is bleeding the coffers of the state just to satisfy its political apparatchiks in the name of rewarding loyalty.

How can a sane society struggling to meet the needs of its people, contemplate getting about a quarter of the people in government.

Ghanaians voted for change, whatever interpretations or understanding president Akufo-Addo has about that change, does not include rendering the public servants redundant.

The president and the NPP promised to create jobs; at least it was one of the promises that hoodwinked Ghanaians into voting for them, that job does entail packing the ministries with special assistants to every minister and the deputies.

These are the sort of things that should get Ghanaians angry, to start demanding accountability from their elected officials.

How do you expect to cut down on government expenditure, when you have created analogous positions to platter party boys?

Some ministries have as many as four people representing the president i.e. ministers and their deputies, and each of them, has a special assistant, so in essence the ministry has eight of the president appointees, this is unacceptable for a small country like Ghana

The previous administration of John Dramani Mahama, which was described as incompetent managed with fewer numbers, yet were able to achieve some remarkable results.

With the numbers you have, roles are going to conflict and they will be turf war, instead of achieving your target, you end up creating a mess that should have been avoided.

We have seen so many avoidable blunders since January 7, when the president took the oath of office, the latest been flying the Ghana flag upside down during the visit of the Gambian president.


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