The Youth And Sex

In the beginning, there existed a perfect proximity between the ultimate reality and mankind, until the sin of disobedience made it wider and invincible.
Gone are the days, when the youth used to fear and to even hear the word “sex” was scarce , but it is not like that anymore in the world today.
I sometimes get scared at the rate and the way the youth are now into sex so much off late.
In our world of today, the adult cannot control the youth again because “they do what they do” which makes me weep deep inside for the youth of today.
I boarded a car to the market and there were these three young girls with me in the car, one was telling them the sex position the so called boyfriend gives to her and I was so surprised so I politely ask them the school they attend and to my uttermost surprise they were just JHS two student of a well known school (name withheld).
Fornication is now a stress reliever for the youth to the extent of taking in drugs in competing on who get stamina.
Acts which where abominable for the youth has now gained it root in the societies , the watching of pornography is now like watching a cartoon for our youth and these make them want to try it out . Aside this, the ladies cannot be left out, they wear seductive nature of dress all in the name of fashion leading to sex.
What we must do to keep us spiritual is rarely practiced, reading the holy bible to strengthen us and make us flee from sins is not done by the youth, they now have these bible apps which made it easy to open on their phones but it is a no go area for the youth, meanwhile the same phones they are holding have these pornographic websites and apps on it.
Ask yourself whom are the youth deceiving?
Our media houses in Ghana are also part of the problem by showing soap operas and telenovelas which contain a whole lot of sexual scenes and musicians using profane lyrics in their music so where can we find a mentor to help curb this problem, nobody can but it is for us to do it all by ourselves, same where we got to this crossroad.

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