The Wicked Plot To Have The Auditor-General Removed By Daily Guide

On September 4, the Daily Guide newspaper, hatched a plan to have the Auditor-General, Yaw Domelevo, removed from office.

The newspaper, which took wicked step, accused him of using a whopping GH¢7.6 million to purchase 27 vehicles for the Audit Service without going through the right tender processes.

According to the newspaper, the vehicles comprises five Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, one Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and 21 Toyota IMV Hilux Deluxe, were purchased from the Audit Service’s 2017 budgetary allocation, as well as funds from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Since the inauguration of the Yaw Domelevo-led audit service, it has exposed so many rot in many of our state institutions.

In April this year, the A-G’s Department uncovered financial irregularities totaling GHS2,053,622,215.68 after its audit of public accounts of the country’s Ministries, Departments and other Agencies (MDAs) for the year 2016.

In May, the service indicted the National Health Insurance Authourity (NHIA) for wanton financial waste and abuse of procurement processes.

Audit work done by the Ghana Audit Service shows that the Authority may be losing close to 23 million Ghana cedis, plus over 3 million dollars, through duplication of contract activity and unsubstantiated payments.

In August 2017, the service uncovered a disturbing practice at the Judicial Service where various sums of money cannot be reconciled.

The AG said in its 2015 report that “the service consistently failed  to obtain bank statements from HFC bank, as a result it was unable to reconcile revenue totaling GHS2,969,409.39 and deposits amounting to GHS2,846,435.82 and £75,000.00” collected on behalf of the  service by HFC at various courts with bank statements.

In July 2018, the department embarked upon a clean-up exercise of the country’s public payroll. Deputy Auditor General, George Winful, described the situation as worrying after he discovered that many more civil servants have been receiving salaries based on fake promotions.

A media house such as Daily Guide, insists on being accepted as resourceful and one of the best in the country, on matters that relate to the polity. To this extent the onus is on them to rise above pettiness and mercenary journalism, if they aim to be taken serious by right thinking Ghanaians.

Again, calling into question the credibility of Yaw Domelevo, on the basis that, he is at loggerheads with members of the Governing Board of the Audit Service, is in our opinion, fortuitous.

We are compelled to draw their attention to the fact, he is the best AG, we have had in a long time and instead of drawing our swords against him, we need to support him, retrieve monies wrongfully paid to people or deliberately stolen from our national coffers.

It is the considered opinion of this newspaper that, such unwarranted attacks at this time that, the department is helping clean the public payroll, come loaded with preconceived notions and goals not in tandem with the overall national goal and therefore calculated to distract from the nation, the fight against corruption.


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