The Weed I Smoked Can Build 3 Commercial Banks…Shatta Wale


Ghanaian multiple award-winning artiste, Shatta Wale, has shared part of his most ugly experience as a singer which he will like many artistes around the world to learn from.

The singer in an interview with Adom FM, disclosed that he was a strong weed smoker that the amount he consumed could actually build three commercial bank buildings.

“After 2003, I went into exile. That time I used to smoke a lot. The weed I have smoked is more than three commercial bank buildings. But as you grow you need to change. I don’t smoke anymore,” he said.

He further explained that he was able to get a breakthrough in his career after he made a covenant with God promising to make amends in his life after having good songs but wasn’t selling.

In his words, “I felt I had to get a covenant with God because I didn’t understand why I could play all those beats but my songs weren’t making hits. So I promised God that if he gave me another chance I will change a lot of things about my life and I made sure I mentioned his name in all my songs, and I got the big song finally.”

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