The Wailing Wailers Are At It Again!


It’s been quite amusing, since the inception of the Mahama administration about three years ago, observing self-styled critics of the government, who are driven by only one motivation, power at all cost.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP)has set out to criticize the government from the very beginning, no matter what the regime does. Like the proverbialOstrich, they have buried their heads in the sand refusing to see anything that is going on.

President John Dramani Mahama, does not have the magic wand to change the fortunes of the country in four years. He has set out to right all the wrongs inflicted on the country by his predecessors, who engaged in cosmetic approach to solving our teething problems.

The stock in trade so far adopted by his critics, has been the habit of jumping on every issue perceived as negative in relation to the government of President Mahama and ripping all facts apart and out of context if need be, as long as it serves the purpose of boosting a negative perception of the government in public view.

I have always wondered, what really is the role of the opposition in any democratic space?

This simple question, has always popped up complicated answers in my head, my conclusion is for mischief purposes. .

I criticize the NPP and it flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, a lot. It is not borne out of hatred or malice, but as someone, who does not believe in one party state, I believe I have a duty to take them on, as they do the President.

For some time now, the party has adopted extremely infantile and pubescent approach to important matters of state and the destiny of a nation.

They are aware of the sense of immaturity that their actions reflect, but they are very well driven by the impact of Group dynamics.

What an individual would never do, left to himself, he will now do very easily with a sense of justification and righteousness, feeling not alone in the company of like-minds.

Nana Akomea, who is the Director of Communications for the party, used to be one of the few people in the NPP, I greatly admire and respect, unfortunately, he has also allowed himself to be consumed by the arrogance and shenanigan associated with the party.

Two weeks ago, the Appellate Court, dismissed a criminal case brought against Alfred Agbesi Woyome. The office of the Attorney- General and Minister of Justice, had filed an appeal, after an earlier ruling at the High Court, went in favour of Woyome.

The NPP, when it suits them, would applaud the court rulings and say, it is a victory for democracy, but when it goes against them or they do not find favorable, thenit is a travesty of justice.

The government, which showed boldness and acted politically incorrect by arraigning one of its own before courts, was accused of complicity.

The Attorney -General, who has gone as far as appealing the earlier High Court ruling, was also accused of doing little to have Mr. Woyome convicted.

What at all do they want, what will satisfy them, because the hypocrisy and double standard is becoming too much and unattractive.

These days, when chatting with friends and I bring up politics, they quickly shut me out, it is not because they don’t care about the country and are not concern about the way things are, but they just do not see or hear any alternative prognosis from the biggest opposition party.

What they often tell me for which I have no defense is, all politicians are liars, and the political atmosphere is full of noise.

Educated minds that would ordinarily weigh the pros and cons in words and deeds simply metamorphose into cyber touts and rabble-rousers, spewing hate and mischief for the simple sake of angering the people, because they feel secure in the comfort of a mob group.

Without a doubt, Nana Akomea, was one of the few people you could listen to and have a glimmer of hope about the future of this nation.

But ever since he was made the Director of Communications for the 2012 general elections, and continuing for 2016, the man had fallen into the abyss of political suicide.

He has so far sacrificed the goodwill he enjoyed prior to his appointment and I cannot see him rising beyond what he has achieved so far, i.e. being a Minister and Member of Parliament.

Irony or in a twist of event, the same party, which is crying wolf when there is none, has imported South African ex-officers, to come and train party faithful, in what they term to help in crowd control, because of the popularity of their candidate and his running mate.

NPP, can never shed off their past, it is like a plague that could never be done away with. The cacophony of ugly noises in the country only happens when they are in opposition.

Their forebears forced the hand of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah; the first President of the country to imprison them, that action is what has left a big scar on the otherwise impressive recordof our first President.

Every President or Head of State since then,have never be given a free hand and peace of mind to discharge their Constitutionallymandated responsibilities.

When we ushered in the Fourth Republican dispensation, the former President Jerry John Rawlings, who had even metamorphosed from military to civilian government, was giving a dose of their crude politics.

Innocent women were murdered in this country, they made the country ungovernable for him, he was called names, insulted etc. when they won power in 2000, all that stopped.

When they lost power in 2008, they swore to make things difficult for the late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills to have peace of mind to govern. They succeeded until he met his untimely death.

President John Dramani Mahama, is receiving the biggest dose yet, his is coupled and laden with tribalism. His place of birth is heavily informing their propaganda and assault on him.

We cannot develop and become a great nation, when the opposition is not contributing anything meaningful to our forward march. Power is sought after to help change life, but to the NPP, they just need power for power sake.

So far the party has not demonstrated their readiness for power; it is all about noise and crying the victim, even when the issue does not concern them.

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