The Victimization Of Political Opponent Must Stop

The government’s incessant attacks on individuals and groups with affiliation to the National Democratic Congress, has reached an alarming height and must ceased forthwith.

The story since the birth of this administration, has been of one attack or another, which defeats every tenet in democracy.

We have allowed the culture to take root since 2000, when the first transfer of power from one political party to another took place.

The stage is set for what is to happen, should the New Patriotic Party, lose election in 2020 or in the near future, and nobody or institution, can call supporters of the National Democratic Congress to order.

We have religious bodies in this country, civil society groups, as well as elders, who were very vocal when the NDC was in power from 2009 to 2012. They found their voices and criticized President, John Dramani Mahama and his appointees.

With the change in government, strangely these people and organizations, have all gone quiet, despite glaring abuse of power and victimization.

The story of Exon Cubic is one that should worry every lover of democracy and rule of law. A company that has acquired all the relevant documents required by law, is being denied the opportunity to explore for bauxite, because the actors are affiliated to the previous regime..

As an indigenous company, it was expected that, the company, will be assisted even if it failed to procure one document or another.

We are embarking on a dangerous path that, dictates that, we take a step forward in one regime and two steps backwards, when there is a change.

The Akufo-Addo government, has proven itself not worthy of being trusted and that is dangerous. Exon Cubic, has not broken any law and so the company must not be treated like a pariah.

Unemployment is a problem in this country and an attempt by a company to provide employment, must not be toyed with or treated with levity.

We do not want to begin to contemplate the likely effect of the stance taken by the government to abrogate the mining lease given to Exon Cubic on the company and the people of Nyinahini.

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