The Use Of Modems Becoming Like The Use Of Mobile Phones?


The unfortunate and deliberate phenomenon imposed on us by mobile phone service providers, where Ghanaians are forced to use more than one phone, is repeating itself with the use of the modems too, you can hardly find a Ghanaian using one modem these days, why?

This has become possible, because of the provision of poor services. As if it is a deliberate action by all the network providers, you can never be satisfied with their services, so you keep changing them, but as we say in Ghana, the value is the same.

Why should Ghanaians, who are reeling under serious economic problems, be made to cough up more money just to stay in touch with their loved ones and access to the internet?

The world is moving forward and a lot of people transact their business via the internet, it is through proceeds and profit made from the availability of internet that they are able to buy credit and subscribe to the network providers, it is obvious that although they make huge and abnormal profits none of them is ready to invest in the latest technology to improve upon their service.

Time they say is money; people do not have the luxury of waiting for thirty minutes just to log onto the internet. The experience is so frustrating that sometimes you feel like throwing your computer as well as your modem away.

Whose duty or responsibility is it to make sure that these service providers do not take us for granted, we are getting tired with the National Communication Authority (NCA), who recently spent so much money on a research to find out whether customers are satisfied with the services of the network providers.

They did not need any research today to know that we have had enough of their poor control service. What is our crime as consumers is it that we do not know what we want or we do not have any options?

The Minister of Communications, Information and Media Relations, Dr. Omane Boamah, who is still lucky to keep his job, must let his work show. He has not done enough since his appointment to ensure that we get network quality.

The talk shop is enough, the promises and assurances are becoming too much, Ghanaians are losing patience; he needs to get out of his office and work for Ghanaians.

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