The use of mobile telephony during working hours and its impact on productivity in Ghana


Some few years ago, a National Service person at the National Health Insurance Scheme’s Office in Sunyani was nearly beaten by some unenthused subscribers who accused her of deliberately wasting their time.

According to these subscribers, the young lady was more focused on using her mobile phone instead of paying attention to the increasing queue at the office. This drama as it may look like signifies the inability of workers to make good use of time while at work, and their inability to be disciplined enough has caused the country a lot of money.

Currently, there is a growing trend among workers who prefer to use their electronic gadgets such as mobile phones more than serving their customers or clients.

Undoubtedly, the introduction of mobile telephony was primarily meant to boost communication and interactive among friends and family. Not just that, the idea of mobile phone gadgets have made education and research more convenient due to the availability of the Internet.

Phone users, most especially students wouldn’t need to carry along a lot of books around since e-books and PDFs of various courses and subjects are now accessible.

In addition, the headache of queueing at Postal Centres to send letters to friends and family is gradually becoming a thing of the past. The use of Social media platforms have made sending and receiving of messages and documents via phones very simple for onward printing. And even at work places, workers can easily access their business mails with their mobile phones with ease.

Regardless of the impact of mobile telephony across the world, some characters are misusing its relevance almost every day.

The focus of this piece will highlight the threat of productivity as result of mobile phones in work places across the country.

To be honest, the use of mobile phones in work places have become a distraction tool for employees. Workers are unable to pay attention to the tasks assigned to them, due to gross attention in fidgeting their phones. Most customers or clients leave offices with great disappointment as a result of poor services and relationships. And at the end of the day, the productivity of our development becomes a problem.

Another issue to the use of mobile phones is how it interrupts important meetings sessions. The interruption of meetings is as a result of beeps from phones during such activities. Since the phone is always on, meetings get interrupted by less important activity on an employee’s cell phone, and there are instances where workers forget their points as a result of interruption.

Finally, the use of Mobile phones at work add more work. Workers who abandon their work to focus more on their gadgets are usually stranded at the long run, and they fond difficult to meet deadline dates in executing various tasks. Productivity becomes low at the end of the day..

With this few issues of mobile phones at work, it is high time strict directives are implemented to check and punish workers who misuse them instead of working.


Written by; Nambe Patrick

Ghana Institute of Journalism, Accra

Level 300 JN


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