The Unusual Wisdom Of Mike Adenuga..Why He Stays Away From Politics


Dr. Mike Adenuga traverses the sociopolitical terrain as if he treads upon rotten eggs. The Chairman of Globacom is apparently wary of falling into the wrong political circuit even as pundits allege that making misstep could prove fatal to his success and survival as big player in the nation’s telecoms business sector.

It would be recalled that during President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election campaign, Dr. Adenuga unlike other business men who came out to publicly support President Goodluck’s re-election believing he was going to win and thereby help them to more economic benefits, Dr. Adenuga smartly and tactfully maintained neutrality; he was neither seen nor heard lending voice or financial support to outgoing President Jonathan’s bid.

Even in the wake of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s victory in the March 28 presidential election, the Globacom boss tactfully maintained his silence and neutrality, and carefully keeps away from the din and scrimmage of political partisanship; sources close to the Globacom boss allege that he is wary of getting involved in anything that might harm his business interests unlike other businessmen who are running helter-skelter to find favour in the eyes of the new president-elect.

Dr. Adenuga, fondly called the Champion, has at various times been described as visionary leader, an exemplary entrepreneur, and an outstanding manager of men and resources. Categorized as the second richest man in Nigeria, the Globacom Boss has always being in the league of those that play safe when it comes to politics.

However, history is often written by champions. Sometimes they rewrite it. But very few champs excite the splendid tribute of a cheer in the wake of their most glorious feats. Nonetheless, Adenuga strikingly commands the relentless tribute of a cheer; these days it reverberates as deafening applause for the extraordinariness of the man who taught Nigeria and the African continent to trust in the soul and entrepreneurial depth of man.

If Adenuga doesn’t fulfill the ubiquitous stereotype of the conventional businessman’s rise from grass to grace, it’s because he never purported to be one and his story was never scripted to satisfy such typecast.

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