The Terrorists Have Moved From Wearing Bears, We Need To Be Alert


We see and hear many of them these days with all manner of forecast, even a meteorologist will envy. Like lotto, which is based on sheer luck, sometimes they get it right, other times, they don’t, and when that happens, we then forget, they ever made any prediction.

Pastor TB Joshua, is a respected prophet, who has touched so many lives, he has saved so many souls through his preaching, many people all over Africa,troop to his synagogue in Nigeria for one anointing or another.

In times past, he has predicted about some happenings and had it right other times;it never sees the light of day.

Over the weekend in his usual Sunday sermon, Prophet TB Joshua prophesied that, there would be terror attack on either Ghana or Nigeria and has called on believers to pray to avert any possible attack.

Much as we need to take seriously the prophecy of the prophet, we at The Herald, believes terrorists are not dummies or Zombies, they are good at what they do.

They would have been here in Ghana or gone to Nigeria long ago, selected their target, as well as chosen the venues, where people are likely to gather in large numbers to unleash terror on them.

Also, they would have made their entry and exit plans, if the attack is not suicide bombing, but rather a war like frontal attack as happened in Ivory Coast.

What we need as Ghanaians and possibly Nigerians, who are not new to terrorists attack, is to be consciously serious with our individual security and the security of our nation and reduce our love for “Obroni” under the disguise of Ghanaian hospitality.

We need to be alert and be asking critical questions sometimes on hunch or impulse when we meet Obroni or even Obibini foreigners.

When the terrorists, who attacked Brussels Airport, as well as France, were identified, they were not wearing the trademark long flying beards that is associated with these people, who take part in terrorists’ activities.

Terrorists are always a step ahead of us and they keep changing their strategies everyday, all we need to do as a country, is to adjust and be very conscious.

We were shocked to hear that, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) graduate, who joined ISIS, had died and his family held a memorial for him, while our security services looked on.

The Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) and the National Security should have arrested or invited his family to find out what they knew.
How did they get to know he was dead, was it via email, telephone call, snail mail?

Was he in touch with them, who informed them etc?All these questions will help avert any future occurrence, as well as help the security services, be able to identify some of their operatives in the country.

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