The Smell Of Money And The Desire To Share It Is The Only Thing Keeping The NPP’s Heart Beating.


We saw it in the run up to the 2007 congress held at the University of Ghana, Legon, where 17 people vied for the presidential slot of the party.

The trend continued before, during and after the 2008 election, when the national Democratic Congress led by Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, snatched victory from the New Patriotic Party (NPP), which splashed money like it was nobody’s business.

We have just witnessed another open show of opulence, arrogance at the just ended Koforidua Congress to elect party executives.

The NPP is becoming not only a danger to itself, but also a much greater danger to the country. There have set precedence in so many of that bad and negative things that is seeking to derail whatever gains we have made as a country.

The president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, came into office on the mantra of change, but is this the change he promised?

The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom representative, Dr. John Hayward, who was sent to grace the occasion, had this to say to the NPP“ I came through the streets today, and I saw so many posters, posters of the wonderful candidates here in this conference. But I had to reflect. I think, I saw more posters than the delegates here at this conference and I wondered, ‘is this the really best use of our resources?’”.

President Akufo-Addo, abandoned his promise to protect the public purse immediately after his inauguration on January 7, 2017, surrounded himself with family and friends, who are on a frolic of their own and left the citizenry to themselves.

The difficult position the president put himself was to appoint his family to juicy positions. The problem most of our leaders, have had which has negatively affected their regimes, was to allow their family members close to power. When you do not take into consideration the structure of our society and culture, you are doomed to fail.

How many of our leaders, will have the courage and presence of mind to course to investigate and instruct the Attorney General to go to put before court a relative, without the whole family coming down on you.

Imagine such a situation happens, won’t it hunt the president and his direct descendant, because anytime the family meets or the children, grandchildren meet, reference would be made to what he did, for example, is it not Razak’s father or his grandfather, who imprisoned my father or grandfather.

No single person at the conference in Koforidua spoke against bribe-sharing among delegates, an embedded form of corruption.

On Saturday the ex-Nasara Co-ordinator, who contested the Youth Organiser position, Kamal Deen, wrote “I just got the definition of politics after our delegates conference. May we continue learn and understand!!”.

I could tell being an astute politician, he chose to withhold certain information, which could point to the fact that money was the deciding factor during the conference.

The president, who is the father of the nation joined Speaker after speaker to tell us how lucky we are to have been saved from the hands of the National Democratic Congress.

The conference was like a coronation ceremony.

In December 2016, Ghanaians decided after eight years of National Democratic Congress reign, settled on the NPP.

The change of government in the estimation of the Ghanaians, was to be followed with the improvement in their standard of living.

The conference afforded the NPP the opportunity to tell us what they have done in the last 18 months of their stewardship, but instead they chose to remind us that all our misfortunes in the last 18 months, were caused by the last administration, which not only stole everything from the treasury, but also ensured we didn’t qualify for Russia 2018.

They did not talk about how and why the country is still plagued by insecurity and the deadly attacks by their vigilante groups (Delta and Invisible Forces) when the party pledged security as priority.

They did not reflect on the rate of unemployment that many believe is now a security threat.

They did not talk about the increasing number of unemployed nurses that are getting frustrated after years of completing school and not getting posted. The frustration that, eventually turns into anger to the extent that, when they are finally employed, they transfer it to the patients.

They did not talk about the deepening poverty, the resurgent nepotism, never seen in the annals of the country and ethnic politics that have left the country more divided than at any time in its recent history.

They did not talk about the nuisance Kennedy Agyapong, has turned himself into. He has  insulted and desecrated everybody and every institution, including the very parliament that, has given his leverage.

They did not tell us why it was wrong for them to hang the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Charlotte Osei out to dry, after declaring them winners of the 2016 elections.

Or why, for example, it was wrong for Freddi Blay, to have imported 275 buses to be distributed to the 275 constituencies, when the country could only boast of 55 functioning ambulances.

The NPP have reinforced the widely held notion that our politicians have become quite good at wresting power, but they still have miles to go in creating a truly democratic culture; a culture that encourages accountability and transparency, and which also derives its legitimacy from its members.

Parties should be interest groups that create a real sense of purpose, shared values and community, not private assets in the hands of tin gods who treat everyone else like serfs.


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