The Route To Political Retirement; Nana Akuffo Addo On The Spotlight.


It is obvious that Nana Addo’s chances of winning the 2016 elections that was largely described as “the mother of all elections” by Sammy Awuku, the NPP’s National Youth Organizer on a TV3 newspaper review programme, New Day, is gradually diminishing each passing day.

What beats my imagination as well as many Ghanaians is why the 2016 election should be called “the mother of all elections” as pontificated by Sammy Awuku? Have we not held elections in this country before? The answer is YES because we had six elections under the fourth Republican Constitution which saw incumbent governments losing power to their opponents peacefully without any confusion which could lead to violence.

Come to think of it, a senior youth leader calling a normal election in Ghana as “the mother of all elections”? My question is; to what interest is the 2016 election to Sammy Awuku to have made those lose comments on a national television? Is it for Nana Addo to become President at all cost to exploit the nation’s resources for debt repayment? Or for SammyAwuku to be appointed a Minister, Deputy, CEO, Board Chairman of State Institution or what?

It is crystal clear that the NPP as the biggest opposition party is not serving the genuine interest of the Ghanaian people and I think this is criminal and pathetic to say the least. Sammy Awuku, the truth of the case is that NPP,lead by Nana Addo, can never win the 2016 elections period!

To me, I suspect the NPP has another dangerous agenda ahead of the 2016 elections. They just want to smartly refuse to concede defeat in the likely event that thependulum does not swing to their side in the 2016 election. This is a calculated attempt to impose the over 70 years old unhealthy man on the country whether he wins or not!

But in all honesty, I want to assure the entire nation that Nkrumah’s Ghana cannot be burnt by the Danquah, Busia, and Dombo descents in the name of power under the able leadership of President Mahama because the state security apparatus are well resourced to fight any rebellion group(s) including AkuffoAddo’s ALL-DIE-BE-DIE and
YEN AKANFUO extremist group.

In fact, the state is more powerful than any individual or group and whoever seeks to disturb the peacewe are currently enjoying would be defeated!

To the substantial issue, I believe the route to Nana Addo’s retirement from the hurly-burly of mainstream Ghanaian politics is due as we head to the polls in December, 2016 to elect our President, which obviously is the celebrated J.DM.

In as much as I recognize Nana Addo as a senior citizen and a veteran politician does not mean to say he can become president of our nation. I fear Nana Addo could ever become president of this great nation despite his childhood dream of becoming President of post-independence Ghana. The reason for this assertion is simple because Nana Addo has a number of issues hanging on his neck which I will try to throw more light on in this piece.

To start with, Ghana needs a great man with vision and integrity to lead her transformational agenda. But could same be said of Nana Addo?

The mind boggling question which needs to be answered by the NPP is how great is Nana Addo or how do they (NPP) define greatness for which reason they have imposed a-71 year old Nana Addo on the party against the youthful Allan KwadwoKyeremanten who is more appealing to the floating voters?How do you call an old man who sees nothing wrong with tribalism as a great man? A man whose only track record is to incite one tribe against the other, a man who supports senior members of his party to make ethnocentric statements be described as a great man?I find it painful to understand what the NPP really stand for.

Without doubt, the issue with Nana Addo’s association with drugs is something which has been in the media for some time now. Speaking to AmansanBoafo in an interview on Amansan FM UK, a long timefriend of Nana Akufo –Addo and a staunch member of the NPP, a lawyer based in London, United Kingdom said, Nana Addo has in the past been arrested at Heathrow Airport on drug related offences.DedeDjaba said “Nana was a good friend; I worked for him, believed in him until I got closer and found out what I do know today. Amansan why do you think his own cousin will say he cannot sleep comfortably in Ghana with his children and fell safe any day should Nana Akufo-Addo ever become the President of Ghana? I am telling you, he is a dangerous man. If Nana Akufo-Addo says he has never been arrested in the UK, he should agree to a DBS background check to be done on his life and lifestyle in the UK. What you will find is shocking and I know what I am saying.”(, Nana Addo may be disqualified if……DedeDjaba).

In fact if the allegation is anything to go by, then Nana Addo has to retire voluntarily from active politics because under the Ghanaian Constitution,people with criminal records are not qualified to be presidents in Ghana.

The continues silence of Nana Addo on his drug tag is worrying. My simple question to the NPP flag bearer is; Nana AddoDanquahAkufo-Addo, have you ever smoked Indian hemp or sniffed cocaine before?

You see the likes of David Cameron, Barrack Obama openly admitted ever using drugs when they were young and indeed such public admissions often draws more favour towards the person. Is Nana Addo being coward to set the record straight on this particular issue?

On the issues of age, Nana Addo cannot run away fro the NPP’s own set standard of health for the presidency. In a speech delivered by Nana Addo at the launch of his 2014 presidential primary campaign at Akwei’s house, he told the gathering that “I am profoundly grateful that so many people consider me worthy to lead this promising nation of ours, even at the young age of 70. I do not know what 70-year olds are supposed to feel like but I feel well, my body is in good shape; my mind remains as sharp as it ever was.” Can you imagine that? This is a clear-cut indication that Nana Addo is a joker. So is Nana Akufo-Addo telling Ghanaian that he does not know how a-70 year old supposed to feel? Well, the realities of old age await Nana Addo during the 2016 electioneering campaign.

In the recent Nigerian election, Nana Addo and leading members of his party had drawn strengths from the fact that Buhari secured the presidency even at 73 and so that will also be followed by the Ghanaian electorates to compensate Nana Addo with the presidency cannot work.

The NPP have to know that the variations between the APC and the NPP far outweigh the similarities. For instance, the strong military man even at the advanced age of 73 did not show signs of illness or tiredness during the campaign but can same be said of Nana Addo? Ghanaians know what happened to Nana in 2012.We all know that Nana Addo is not too well to lead the campaign this time round and that is why Dr. Bawumiah was announced to be in charge of the campaign but that decision was however reversed by the party for reasons best known to them. I do no think the NPP can gain any political leverage using the age similarity between Nana Addo and
Gen. MahamaduBuhari.

In conclusion, one can measurefrom the above facts that Nana Addo’s retirement is due in 2016 because that is the path he has chosen for himself. Are we to blame the electorates? Well, the debate continues………………

Long Live Ghana!!
Richard Kasu-Adzadu
(NDC Branch Secretary)

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